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68C Ph.2 T.1

Ethics in Practical Nursing

ethics values and beliefs that influence behavior, protect human rights, provide standards for nursing activities
values personal beliefs, evolves from personal experiences, changes over lifetime, learned
ethical knowledge of right and wrong, society influence decisions based on changes in customs or behaviors
rights absolute privileges that people have and should expection
value clarification reflect on and assess values that matter to you before decision is made
Principles respect for persons, strong belief in right to to be treated and respected as human beings
Autonomy freedom of choice, right to be independent and make decisions freely, must always be patient's decision
Beneficence doing good or what is right for the patient, nurses have responsibility and obligation to help patient
nonmaleficence do not harm, provide high quality care
Code of Ethics defined as list of rules of good conduct for members of a particular group. Formal guidelines for professional action, compatible with person's values
National Federation of Licensed Pratical Nurses (NFLPN) developed code; specifies scope of practice, care without discrimination, active role in development. Values must correlate with profession's code of ethics
Caring for a patient who contracted HIV through risky behavior is an example of which type of conflict? Conflict between professional role and personal values
Catholic nurse working in Planned Parenthood is an example of which type of conflict? Conflict between nurse and MTF
Cultural or religious conflicts is an example of..? Conflict between nurse and patient/ family
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