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lesson 14

congenial getting along with others or suited to one's need or tastes;agreeable
decipher to convert from a code or secret writing into ordinary language; to decode or to interpret the meaning of something; to solve
dissect to cut into in order to study or to study closely; to analyze
enigma anything that is puzzling, mysterious or hard to figure out
ineffectual not bringing about the desired result; futile
infalliable incapable of making an error; never wrong or unlikely to fail or go wrong
irrepressible incapable of being controlled or held back
luminous giving off light ro clear; easy to understand
millennium a period of a thousand years
mire an area of wet, swampy ground; deep mud
pestilence a rapidly spreading and usually fatal disease
stagnate to fail to develop, change or move
sublime great or noble in expression, thought or manner; splendid
vie to compete for, as in a contest
voluminous having great bulk or volume; ample.
Created by: rlshinko
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