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Vet Osteology

!st anatomy test

Cranium Part of skull that encloses the brain. Ossa cranii
Facies Part of skull that encloses parts of apparatus digestorius and respritorius. Ossa faciei
Calvaria Roof of cranium
Vertex highest part of calvaria in normal position of the head
pericranium periosteum of the external surface of skull
Tentorium Cerebelli osseum Shelf over the dorsal surface of cerebellum, In horse and dog Formed by Processus tentoricus bones: os occipitale, os interparietale, os parietale
Impressiones digitatae shallow grooves accommodating the brain
Os occipitale, Os interparietale, os basisphenoidale, os presphenoidale, os pterygoideum, of temporale, of parietale, os frontale, os ethmoidale, volmer Bones of Ossa cranii
os nasale, os lacrimale, maxilla, os conchae nasalis ventralis, os incisivum, os rostrale, os palatinum, os zygomaticum, mandibula, apparatus hyoideus Ossa faciei
lamina cribrosa, lamina perpendicularis, labyrinthus ethmoidalis, lamina orbitalis, lamina tectoria, lamina basalis os ethmoidale
aparatus hyoideus basihyoideum (corpus), processus lingualis (ruminants, horse), thyrohyoideum, ceratohyoideum, epihyoideum, stylohyoideum, tympanohyoideum
PALATUM OSSEUM lamina perpendicularis ossis palatini, processus palatinus maxillae, processus palatinus ossis incisive
DOLICHOCEPHALIC elongated facial skeleton, narrow cranial part with a distinct external saggital crest , the frontal and nasal part is flatly concave, zygomatic arches protrude less laterally than in other groups
MESATICEPHALIC he facial and cranial part of the skull are well proportioned
BRACHYCEPHALIC SYNDROME: stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, hypertrophic palatine tonsils, everted laryngeal ventricles
FOSSA CRANII ROSTRALIS between the laminae cribrosae and the ala ossis presphenoidalis
FOSSA CRANII MEDIA from the caudal borders of the ala ossis presphenoidalis to the crista sphenooccipitalis
FOSSA CRANII CAUDALIS from the crista sphenooccipitalis and cristae partis petrosae to the foramen magnum
DOG SINUS sinus frontalis(only sinus in dog), recessus maxillaris(between ethmoid medially and maxilla, palantine, and lacrimal bones laterally. NO maxillary sinus
BOVINE SINUS sinus frontalis (goes into processus cornualis), sinus maxillaris, sinus palatinus, sinus lacrimalis.
Bulla lacrimalis large, thin-walled protuberance into the ventral part of the orbit, excavated by sinus maxillaris
PIG SINUS Sinus maxillaris, sinus frontalis, sinus lacrimalis, sinus sphenoidalis, sinus conchae dorsalis
HORSE SINUS sinus maxillaris caudalis & rostralis, sinus conchofrontalis(divided into sinus conchae dorsalis and sinus frontalis) sinus sphenopalatinus, sinus conchae ventralis
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