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Celtic Society

definitions of key words for Celtic society

ring fort Celtic dwelling site enclosed by earthen banks and ditches, with a wattle or stone fence
caiseal stone ring fort
crannog Celtic dwelling on an artificial island in a lake
souterrain underground passage used to store things, hide in, escape through
hill fort ceremonial Celtic fort built on a hill side
promontory fort ceremonial Celtic fort built on a headland or cliff
tuath a Celtic kingdom
ri King of a Celtic settlement
derbhfine the royal family in a Celtic tuath
aos dana specially skilled individuals in the tuath like the Druid, Brehon, File
warriors fought on behalf of the tuath
craftsmen blacksmiths and goldsmiths who produces the implements and jewellery
farmers grew crops and tended to animals to feed the tuath
slaves captured in battle from enemy tuatha
rotary quern used to grind grain into flour
hero's portion best cut of meat served to the bravest warrior in battle
la tene art swirls and floral patterned designs
torc gold jewellery item, a collar necklace
ogham stone stone with notches cut into it to represent letters in Celtic writing
cist grave small stone lined burial site, remains were cremated before being placed into the cist grave
grave goods weapons, shield, food items buried with a celt
leine shirt
crios belt
briste trousers
brat heavy wollen blanket/cloak
Created by: Mrs Curran