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vocab 3 & 4

acculturation the modification of social patterns, traits or structures of one group of society by contact with those of another; the resultant blend
circuitous roundabout; not direct
commiserate to sympathize with, have pity or sorrow for, share a feeling of distress S: feel sorry for, empathize
expiate to make amends for, make up for, to avert S: redeem, make amends for, reparation
ferment (n) a state of great excitement, agitation or turbulence (v) to be in or work in such a state; to produce alcohol by chemical action S: commotion, turmoil, unrest
noncommittal not decisive or definite; unwilling to take a clear position S:cagey, uninformative, playing it safe, playing it close to the vest
peculate to steal something that has been given into one's trust; to take improperly for one's own use S: defraud, misappropriate
proclivity a natural or habitual inclination or tendency (especially of human character or behavior)
seditious resistant to lawful authority; having the purpose of overthrowing an established government
wheedle to use coaxing or flattery to gain some desired end S: inveigle, soft-soap, sweet talk
vitriolic bitter, sarcastic; highly caustic or biting (like a strong acid) S: withering, acerbic, mordant
amorphous shapeless, without definite form; of no particular type or character; without organization, unity or cohesion
aura that which surrounds (as in an atmosphere); a distinctive air or personal quality
affable courteous and pleasant, sociable, easy to speak to
archetype an original model on which something was patterned or replicated; the ideal example of a particular type of person or thing
aggrandize to increase in greatness, power or wealth; to build up or intensify; to make appear greater
contraband (n) illegal traffic, smuggled goods (adj) illegal, prohibited
erudite scholarly, learned, bookish, pedantic
inscrutable incapable of being understood; impossible to see though physically
irrevocable incapable of being changed or called back
insular relating to, characteristic of, or situated on an island; narrow or isolated in outlook or experience
gossamer (adj) thin, light, delicate, insubstantial (n) a very thin, light cloth
propensity a natural inclination or predilection towards
querulous peevish, complaining, fretful
reverberate to re-echo, resound; to reflect or be reflected repeatedly
resilient able to return to original shape or form; able to recover quickly
repudiate to disown, reject, or deny the validity of
remonstrate to argue with someone against something, protest against
sleazy thin or flimsy in texture; cheap; shoddy or inferior in quality or character; ethically low, mean or disreputable
embezzle to steal S: peculate
cajole persuade someone to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery S: wheedle
rancorous characterized by bitterness or resentment S: vitriolic
atone make amends or reparation S: expiate
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