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PhD Ultra- 4 Gas

What does the Phd Ultra measure? Oxygen, combustible gas, and up to 2 additional toxic gases.
What kind of batteries does the Phd Ultra take? How long do the batteries last? Rechargable NiCad battery pack or 3 AA disposible alkaline. 12 hours of continuous use
The Phd Ultrashould not be used for combustible gas monitoring in atmospheres where oxygen concentrations exceed what % ? 21% oxygen
The Phd Ultra can be used in what 2 modes when sampling? Diffuision or sample-draw mode.
Explain diffusion mode The atmosphere being measured reaches the sensors by diffusing through vents in the sensor compartment cover. Normal air movements carry the sample to the sensors.Monitors only the atmosphere that immediately surrounds the detector.
Explain Sample-draw mode used to sample remote locations with either the hand-aspirated sampledraw kit or with a motorized continuous sample draw pump. The gas sample is drawn into the sensor compartment through the probe assembly and a length of tubing.
How many times should you press the mode button to put it in Auto-calibaration mode? 3 times within two seconds
Whatis the first step used to place the Phd Ultra in Calibration? The PhD Ultra is taken to an area where the atmosphere is fresh and a "zero" adjustment is made automatically by pressing the on / off mode button.
Whatis the second step used to place the Phd Ultra in Calibration? The sensor response or "span" calibration adjustment. In this step the accuracy of the sensors is verified by exposing them to known concentration calibration gas. Once again, if necessary, the sensitivity or “span” is adjusted automatically.
How does the Phd alert you when the senors identify something out of normal specs? audiable alarm and red flashing LED alarm for each sensor.
When using the sample draw pump what letter is displayed on the instrument? P in the upper left corner
What powers the Sample pump? how long does the power last? by the PhD ultra battery packs. 8 hours
What are the 3 operating modes? Text only, Basic, and Technician
What are the 3 toxic gas measurements? Ceiling, Time Weighted Average (TWA), and Short Term Exposure Limits (STEL)
How long can a person be exposed to a toxic gas with a measurement not exceeding the STEL? 15 min, up to 4 times in an eight hour shift.
Oxygen dieficient is? 19.5%
Normal air oxygen level is? 20.9%
Oxygen Enriched is? 23.5%
Created by: topher97