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Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Practice Test

A illness that swept all over Europe and took out 1/3 of the population. Bubonic Plague/Black Death
What was a Crusade? A holy war
What was the main purpose of the Crusades? To gain back the holy land; Palestine and Jerusalem
What was the political reason that the Crusades were formed? To get rid of knights who were fighting with each other
Return of trade and learning, the weakening of the power of the pope and Church, and the weakening of feudal nobility and the increased power of the kings are all effects of... The Crusades
What improved the work that horses could do? Improved harnesses
Horses could now do what because of the improved harnesses? Do double the work of oxen
What was the system called in which farmers grew crops on two thirds of their land rather than half? The three-field system
What happened because of the three-field system? Food production increased, villagers had more to eat, people could resist better to diseases and live longer
What is a guild? An organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social conditions of its members
What were the first guilds? Merchant guilds
What were the second guilds? Artisan/Craft guilds
What was the Commercial Revolution? A large expansion of trade and business
What was the most common trade item during the Commercial Revolution? Cloth
What took place in towns because of the Commercial Revolution? Town fairs and trade
What did bills of exchange do? Established exchange rates between different coinage systems
What were invented to make it easier to trade? Letters of credit
Who managed to turn back the Viking invaders in the late 800's? Alfred the Great
What nickname did William, the Duke of Normandy, gain? William the Conqueror
What did English kings try and do around the 1100's? Hold and add to their French lands, strengthen their power over nobles and the Church.
What were the causes of the problems of King John's rule? Cruel personality, he alienated the Church, and he raised taxes
What document was King John forced to agree with, which is one of the most celebrated document in English history? The Magna Carta
What did the Magna Carta guarantee to the citizens? Rights of no taxation without representation, a jury trial, and protection of law
What caused the Great Schism? 3 popes running at the same time as each other, each of them fighting over power
Created by: 19jquigley