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Chapter 14

Practice Test

What was the vernacular? Common Language of a place or religion
Who were scholars/scholastics? Men who studied together at universities.
What is a medieval guild? An association of people who worked at the same craft or trade.
Who was Richard The Lion Hearted? The English King who led the Third Crusade
Why was there a call for a Crusade? Pope Urban II wanted to gain control of the Holy Land
What is Simony? The act of selling Church positions
Who was Saladin? Muslim leader who allowed Christians to freely visit the Holy Land after truce with English king in 1192
Where was the Holy Land? Palestine
What was the Commercial Revolution? Expansion of trade and business
What was the new system of farming? The Three Field System
What were the effects of the Crusades? Return of trade and learning, weakend Church and pope power, and increased power of kings
Who was Thomas Aquinas? A scholar from 1200 who said logic could prove many religious truths
Who were burghers? Merchants/craftspeople who lived demanded privileges like freedom from tolls and right to govern their towns
What is a Letter of Credit? Documents given to a single person by the bank to take out an amount of money from that bank or its branches
Who invaded England? Angles, Saxons, Normen
Who won the Battle of Hastings? William Duke of Normandy and the Normans
What did English Kings try to achieve? Hold and add to their French lands and Strengthen their own power over the Church and nobles
What did Henry II do for England when ruling from 1154 to 1189? Introduced the use of a Jury in English courts
What problems did King John cause while ruling England from 1199 to 1216? Tried to take money from subjects, Alienated Church and threatened to take away self government town charters, raised taxes very high to finance wars.
What major English document was agreed on June 15, 1215? The Manga Carta (Great Charter)
What did Edward I create in November 1295? Model Parliament
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