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Med term urinary

function of urinary system remove waste regulates water and electrolytes
electrolytes substances in the blood and body fluid that balance body functions
examples of electrolytes sodium potassium calcium phosphorus magnesium
urine waste and water filtered from the kidney to be discharged
ureters connects kidney to bladder
bladder hold urine until the need to void
void another term for urinate
urinary meatus external opening of the urethra
urethra small passage way from the bladder to the urinary meatus
prostate gland that surrounds urethra just under the bladder (male)
function of the prostate gland secretes fluid that helps sperm get out side the body
renal capsule tough outer covering of the kidney
cortex contains nephrons that filter organs to the medulla of the kidney
hilum where the ureter is attached
calyx the structure the urine empties into the pelvis of the kidney
pelvis the part of the kidney that collects the urine from the entire kidney
function of a nephron filters waste products and excess fluid from the blood
urea, uric acid, creatinine, electrolytes, sugar waste products and excess products that the nephrons remove from the blood
approximate number of nephrons that each kidney contains millions
cystitis most common urinary infection
cause of cystitis urinary retention or improper hygiene habits
urgency need to void immediately
frequency voiding in small but frequent amounts
hematuria blood in the urine
bacteriuria bacteria in the urine
symptoms of cystitis frequency, urgency, hematuria, bacteriuria, pain
urethritis inflammation of the urethra
ureteritis inflammation of the ureter/s
pyelonephritis inflammation of the kidney pelvis
pyelonephritis serious kidney infection with symptoms of fever, nausea, vomiting, pyuria, bacteruria, and hematuria
glomerulonephritis toxins from bacteria that cause strep throat can result in temporary damage of the glomerulus
proteinuria protein in the urine
oliguria decrease urine production, less than 500 ml in 24 hours
edema swelling due to retained fluid in the body
causes of acute tubular necrosis nephrotoxins or ischemia
ischemia deficient blood supply
nephrotoxins substances that are poisonous to the kidney that are either ingested or inhaled
hemodialysis treatment for damaged kidneys to filter fluid and waste products from the blood outside the body using a dialysis machine
hydronephrosis fluid/urine back flow into the kidney causing it to dilate
lithotomy incision to remove a stone
lithotripsy surgically crushing a stone
what might cause an obstruction where the bladder meets the urethra scar tissue, stones, tumors, blood clots
prostatic hyperplasia abnormal growth of the prostate gland tissue
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy
phimosis condition when the end of the penis is blocked or narrowed
prepuce the fold of skin that covers the end of the penis
antibiotic type of medication given for an infection
estrogenic female hormones sometimes given for the treatment of prostate cancer
chemotherapy type of drug used for malignant tumors
diuretic type of drug that helps to increase the secretion of urine
blood tests to determine kidney function BUN and serum creatinine
urinalysis laboratory test most commonly used on urine
KUB x-ray, ultrasonography, CT, MRI non-invasive x-ray exams done to examine the urinary system
catheter kind of equipment used to instill dye into the bladder or drain fluid from the bladder
cystogram test that uses dye instilled into the bladder
reflux a backward flow of urine due to weak valves in the bladder or an obstruction
IVP intravenous pyelogram
intravenous pyelogram test to x-ray the kidney pelvis and find abnormalities of renal arteries, tumors, or cysts
retrograde pyelogram test that is ordered if an IVP and a cystogram are done together
urethroscopy can detect abnormalities or constrictions, or to remove part of the prostate to alleviate an obstruction
cystoscopy visualizes the bladder
nephroscopy visualizes the kidney
renal biopsy small piece of kidney tissue is removed using a long needle inserted through the skin into the kidney
cystotomy incision into the bladder
cystoplasty repair of the bladder
cystostomy new opening into the bladder
urethroplasty surgical repair of the urethra
urethropexy surgery to fix and support the urethra
pyelolithotomy incision into the kidney pelvis to remove a calculus/stone
cystolithotomy removal of a stone from the bladder
nephrectomy removal of a kidney
renal transplant transfer of a donor kidney into a recipient
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