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Modernize Russia

this study stack will teach you about Russia tranformation

1. Who is Peter the Great? He is the the czar of Russia.
2. What does Peter policies played in Russia? He made the church follow the state, he made more education available to the people,enlarged the military, and modernize the military
3.Who is Peter III? The grandson of Peter who only ruled Russia for six months.
4. Who is Catherine the Great? A empress that ruled Russia.
5. Did she tax the peasant alot? Yes to support her wars and first class living
6. Why did Catherine plan to improve the education and life condition failed to make big change on the country? She have few official that are educated or honest to carried out the plan.
7.What is the Pugavchev's Rebellion? A peasant revolt to end tax, serfdom,landlords,and the military service,but failed
8. What is serfdom? a person in a condition of servitude, required to render services to a lord, commonly attached to the lord's land and transferred with it from one owner to another in a feudal system.
9.What is the Feudal system? A social system that is similar to the Indian Castle System. The king and the queen is the best. After that is the nobles.Then the knights.The merchant is before the knight.The last one is serf.
10.What is autocratic rule? Autocracy is a system of government in which a supreme power is concentrated in the hands of one person.
11.Who is the two minister who help to expand land for Russia? Alexander Suvarov and Grigori Potemkin
12.Why the gain in Poland is important? it gain important seaports
13.Did Russia attacked the Ottoman empire? yes
14.What is the Ottoman empire? a turkey empire
15.Why did Russia attacked the Ottoman empire? to gain Azov,Crimea,and the northern Black Sea
16.What Russia main enemy in 1790 -1795 Sweden,Poland,and the Ottoman Empire
Created by: Saigon