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Unit 2E

Spinal Cord and Meninges

The area of cell bodies within the CNS Gray Matter
The area of axons or fibers within the CNS White Matter
What part of the spinal cord arises from the dorsal surface of the spinal cord Dorsal Root
The dorsal root ONLY contains ______ neurons Sensory
the Enlarged portion of the dorsal root is called the ? Dorsal Root Ganglion
an area of cell bodies OUTSIDE of the CNS is called ? Ganglion
The dorsal root ganglion contains what ? Cell bodies of Sensory(afferent) neurons
What structure arises from the ventral surface of the spinal cord The Ventral root
What kind of neurons does the ventral root contain ONLY ? Motor neurons only
The ventral root joins the dorsal root joint to form the ? Spinal nerve
The spinal nerve divides in to a LARGER _______ Ramus , and SMALLER_____ Ramus Ventral, Dorsal
Which ramus supplies the entire anterior trunk as well as the appendages ? The Ventral Ramus
Which rams supplies wall the structures of the back ? The Dorsal Ramus
The interneuron cell body is in the ? gray matter
The interneuron (internuncial) receives impulses from _____ neurons and synapses them to a ______ neuron. Sensory, motor
The interneuron also crosses over to the other side of the spinal cord leaving the gray matter and enters the ____ matter and begins to _____ through the spinal cord. White, Ascend
the ______ neuron has its cell bodies in the gray mattar of the spinal cord , and its axon passing though the white matter into the ______ root. Motor(efferent), Ventral
How many pairs of cervical nerves are there in the spinal cord ? 8 Pairs
How many pairs of thoracic nerves are there in the spinal cord ? 12 pairs
How many pairs of Sacral nerves are there in the spinal cord ? 5 Pairs
How many pairs of Coccygeal nerves are there in the spinal cord ? 1 pair
The spinal cord is a long _______ mass of nervous tissue that occupies the upper ____ of the vertebral canal Cylindrical , 2/3
The spinal cord connects to the brain superiorly where it is continuous with the ________, and it extends inferiorly down to the the _____. medulla, Lumbar vertebrae 2
the spinal cord has enlargements in what regions ? cervical and lumbosacral
where are cell bodies of the neurons for the upper limb located ? enlargement of the cervical region
where are cell bodies of the neurons for the lower limb located ? enlargement of the lumbosacral region
location of Cauda Equina below LV2
The _____ _____ consists of very long roots of the lower spinal nerves, which descend in a bundle from the _____ _____ Cauda equina , Conus Medullaris
The brain and the spinal cord are ______ and ______ by 3 layers of CONNECTIVE tissue, called _______ Surrounded, Protected, Meninges
the 3 layers of the meninges , from external to internal are ? Dura Mater, Arachnoid mater, and Pia mater
The dura mater is composed of ? Dense fibrous connective tissue
The DURA MATER surrounds the _____ and extends through the ______, and courses inferiorly to the ______ in the vertebral canal. Brain, Foramen Magnum, Coccyx
The space external to the Dura Mater is termed ? Epidural Space
The epidural space contains ______ tissue in the form of globules of ____. The epidural space also contains_____ Adipose, Fat , Veins
The Intermediate (middle) meninx is the ? Arachnoid Mater
The arachnoid maters structure is a ? delicate, loose, netlike membrane
The ARACHNOID MATER surrounds the _____, and extends through the ______, and courses inferiorly to the ______ in the vertebral canal. Brain, Foramen Magnum, Coccyx (same as dura)
The Arachnoid mater is separated from the pia mater by the ? Subarachnoid Space
The Subarachnoid space contains the ? CSF
The Pia mater is the _______ layer of the 3 meninges Innermost
the Pia mater's structure ? VERY delicate connective tissue
The PIA MATER lies _____ to the surface of the _____ & _____ _____ directly , Brain, Spinal cord
The PIA surrounds the _____, and extends through the ______, and courses inferiorly to the ______ in the vertebral canal. Brain, Foramen Magnum, Coccyx ( they all do)
How many pairs of Lumbar nerves are there in the spinal cord ? 5 Pairs
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