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Trojan War

question and answer from study guide

Two famous Greek Epics are: The Odyssey and the iliad
the poet who wrote the odyssey and the iliad homer
what epic deals with the last year of the trojan war? iliad
sea creature who marreid peleus thetis
thetis and peleus didnt invite this goddess to their wedding eris or ate
the goddess of discord tossed a(n)________ among the midst of the wedding party. apple
the apple was labeled_______. "For the Fairest"
The 3 goddesses who claimed the apples were theirs Juno, Minerva, and Venus
Zues said that _____ was the mortal who would make the decision of to whom to give the apple. Paris of Troy
Paris was the son of ______. Priam
Priam was the king of________. Troy
Venus promised Paris ____________________. The most beautiful woman in the world for his wife.
The most beautiful woman in the world to whom Paris was supposed to be married. Helen of troy
Helen was the daughter of _____. Jupiter or Zeus.
Who suggested that all the quarrelers over Helen protect her if she were to get abducted/molested? Ulysses or Odysseus
The quarrelers agreed to __________. punish any aggressor towards helen.
Helen was married to _______. Menelaus
Menelaus was the king of ___. Sparta.
Paris went to sparta and ran off with _____. Helen.
menelaus called upon the suitors to meet at the seaport ______. Aulis.
they remained at the seaport for _ years before setting sail. two
______ pretended to be insane to avoid going to war. Ulysses or Odysseus.
Ulysses was the king of __. Ithaca
Achilles's mother dipped him in the River ____ to make him invulnerable Styx
Agamemnon offended the goddess of the hunt, ______. Diana, or Artemis.
Diana was angry so she punished Agamemnon's army with the ______ plague
Diana's plague stated that agamemnon must sacrifice his daughter, ________ on her altar. Iphigenia
The real number of ships that sailed for Helen. 1,116
Agamemnon and Achilles quarreled over a ____________________. division of the spoils of war
Achilles' best friend patroclus
______ killed patroclus hector
Achille's mother was _________. Thetis
Thetis went to the god of the forge,________ for a new suit of armor for her son. Vulcan
Achilles killed ______. Hector.
______ and ______ snuck into Troy and stole a statue of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. Ulysses and Diomedes
______ thought up the trick of the wooden horse Ulysses
the priest that tried to warn the trojans about the wooden horse. Laocoon
Laocoon and his sons were strangled by _________. sea serpents.
the horse was filled with many hidden __________. armed men.
After the city was left in a heap of ruins, Helen and Menelaus were _______ reconciled
Trojans: PriamHectorparissarpedonvenusmars
greeks: ulyssesachillesmenelausagamemnonajaxpatroclusminervajunoneptunevulcan
neutral gods: zeusapollo
He killed achilles with a poison arrow and was later ironically killed with a poison arrow also. paris
hector killed _______. patroclus
this goddess sent the sea serpents. minerva
The trojan war occurred in approximately: (year) 1200 B.C.
The iliad was composed in approximately:(year) 900-700 B.C.
Who wrote the 5 lines about Helen? Christopher Marlowe
Created by: samyxox