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Cat Muscles I

Head, neck, & trunk

Digastric O: Jugular and mastoid process. I: mandible. A: Lowers mandible
External intercostals O: Border of rib. I: Border of adjacent rib. A: Protracts ribs
External oblique O: lumbodorsal fascia & ribs. I: aponeurosis on linea alba. A: compresses abdominal viscera
Internal intercostals O: Border of rib. I: Border of adjacent rib. A: Retracts ribs
Internal oblique O: innominate bone & lumbodorsal fascia. I: aponeurosis on linea alba. A: compresses abdominal viscera
Latissimus dorsi O: lumbodorsal fascia & neural spines of the last thoracic and lumbar vert. I: medial surface of humerus. A: draws humerus caudad
Masseter O: zygomatic arch. I: mandible. A: elevates mandible
Mylohyoid O: Mandible. I: Median raphe. A: Raises floor of mouth
Rectus abominis O: pubic symphysis. I: sternum and costal cartilages. A: flexes trunk and compresses abdominal viscera
Rhomboideus O: neural processes of thoracic. I: vertebrae ventral border of scapula. A: draws scapula dorsally
Rhomboideus capitis O: superior nuchal line. I: angle of scapula. A: draws scapula craniad
Scalenus O: anterior ribs 2 & 3. I: cervical vertebrae. A: flexes neck
Serratus dorsalis O: Last 4 ribs. I: Spines of lumbar vertebrae. A: Pulls rib anterior
Serratus ventralis O: 1st ten ribs. I: vertebral border of scapula. A: draws scapula ventrally and craniad
Splenius O: mid-dorsal fascia of the neck. I: nuchal line. A: turns and elevates the head
Sternohyoid O: First costal rib. I: Body of hyoid. A: Pulls hyoid posterior
Sternomastoid O: Manubrium. I: Lambdoidal ridge and mastoid process. A: Turns and lowers head
Temporalis O: lambdoidal crest & zygomatic process of frontal bone. I: coronoid process of mandible. A: elevates mandible
Transversus "abdominus" & costarum O: ilium, lumbar vertebrae, & posterior ribs. I: linea alba. A: compresses abdominal viscera
Xiphihumeralis O: xiphoid process. I: proximal end of humerus. A: adducts and rotates the forelimb
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