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Bills Becomes Law

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Who Makes the Laws The Legislative Branch
Who Carries out the Laws The Executive Branch
Who Interpretes the Laws The Judicial Branch
President of the United States Requirements 1. natural born citizen 2. 35 years old 3. 14 years residency
Speaker of the House 1. appoints members to joint and conference committees 2. schedules legislation for action 3. refers bills to committee
Veto The formal power of the president to reject bills passed by both houses of congress. A veto can be overriden by a 2/3 vote in Congress
The Senate is made up of how many members. 100
The House of Representative is made up of how many members. 435
Congress is composed of two separate chambers. the Senate and the House of Representatives
The senate is sometimes called the the upper house
The Senate Members serve longer terms that the House of Rep Members.
Filibuster A tactic used by senators to delay or prevent a vote from taking on a bill by delivering lengthy speeches
Pork Barrel Spending Requests for government funds to be spent on improvements in a local district making him/her popular with its voters
Out of approximately 5,000 bills that are introduced each year, only about 150 actually become laws.
Only members of Congress can introduce a bill to Congress.
There are four basic types of legislation bills; joint resolutions; concurrent resolutions; and simple resolutions.
A private bill affects a specific person or organization rather than the population at large. A public bill is one that affects the general public.
A pocket veto This occurs when the president takes no action and Congress has adjourned its session. In this case, the bill dies and does not become a law.
Checks and Balances A system that allows each branch of a government to amend or veto acts of another branch so as to prevent any one branch from exerting too much power.
Bill A proposed new law introduced with a legislature that has not yet been passed, enacted or adopted
The duty of the Conference Committee is to resolve disagreements on a certain bill.
Number of passed bills or resolutions in the 113th session of congress. 624
Number of laws that have been enacted by the 113th session of congress. 185
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