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Sex Ed

The guidelines for expressing physical affection. -Limit your expressions of affection to holding hands, hugging, and casual kissing to keep your brain in control of your decisions and actions -Tell the person your limits before expressing affection -Do not date someone who does not respect your limits
Conversation keepers -Making eye contact -Listening carefully -Asking questions
Conversation killers -Talking about yourself -Interrupting someone -Talking about others -No eye contact
The nine profiles -People pleaser -Enabler -Clinger -Fixer -Controller -Center -Abuser -Liar -Promise breaker
People Pleaser Does anything to be liked, a “doormat”
Enabler May cover up for another person, may contribute to another person’s harmful behavior
Clinger Turns to another person to feel better, doesn’t give other people space
Fixer Tries to fix problems not responsible to his/her’s, takes over situations
Controller Tell others what to do, doesn’t respect the interests or opinions of others
Center Does most of the talking, everything is about them
Abuser May constantly put down others, may threaten others
Liar May lie about himself to look good, may have friendships that are shallow
Promise Breaker Makes plans with another, but doesn’t come; doesn’t keep his word
Harmful Relationship A relationship that harms self-respect, interferes with productivity and health, or includes violence and/or drug abuse.
Healthy Relationship A relationship with mutual respect & healthful behavior. A relationship that promotes self-respect, and is free of violence and/or drug abuse
The questions you should ask yourself before initiating a friendship -What do I know about this person? -Does this person have good character? -Do my parents or guardian know this person? -Will my parents or guardian approve of my spending time with this person?
Abstinence To refrain from something
Deciding to abstain from sex is a _________ decision Responsible
What percentage of teen females who have had babies complete high school? 70%
How does alcohol affect decision making? Alcohol is a depressant drug that numbs the part of the brain that controls reasoning and judgment. The inner voice that says, “I want to practice abstinence” is dulled when you drink alcohol.
The reasons teen pregnancy is risky. -Low birth weight -Damaged hereditary material -Inadequate parenting skills
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