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WVSOM -- Anatomy

Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Pancreas

What is the largest internal organ of the body? Liver
What does the liver occupy? almost all of the right hypochondrium, epigastrium and extends into teh left hypochondrium
How are substances from the GI tract initially conveyed to the liver? portal vein
What substance isn't transported thru the portal vein? fatty acids
Ligaments of liver coronary ligament faliciform ligament Ligamentum teres
What is contained within the hepatoduodenal ligament? portions of the bile duct, hepatic artery and portal vein
Lesser omentum can be divided in two regions Hepatogastric ligament Hepatoduodenal ligament
What separates the right lobe from the quadrate lobe? GALLBLADDER
4 Lobes of the liver caudate lobe quadrate lobe right lobe left lobe
What separates the caudate lobe from the right lobe inferior vena cava
What separates the caudate lobe from the left lobe? Fissure for Ligamentum Venosum
What does the ligamentum teres come from embryonically? obliterated umbilical vein
What is the functional unit of the liver Hepatic lobules
What does the gallbladder do? Stores and concentrates bile
What does bile do? emulsifies fat
cystic duct Duct of the gall bladder
common bile duct Where the common hepatic duct merges with the cystic duct
Common hepatic duct where the left and right hepatic duct merge
Hepatopancreatic Ampulla Where main pancreatic duct and the common bile duct meet to meet the duodenal papilla
Where is pancreas located? Retroperitoneal inferior to the stomach
Endocrine function of the pancreas Insulin and glucagon form islets of langerhans
Exocrine function of the pancreas pancreatic juices from acinar cells
What is the largest lymphatic organ? spleen
What does the spleen do? filters blood, destroys worn out RBCs, produces lymphocytes, macrophages and antibodies
What is anterior to the spleen? stomach
What is posterior to the spleen? left part of diaphragm adn ribs 9-11
What is inferior to the spleen? Left colic flexure
What is medial to the pancreas? Left kidney
Celiac trunk branches of arteries left gastric artery Splenic Artery Common Hepatic Artery
What are the common hepatic artery branches? Gastroduodenal artery Proper hepatic artery
What are the branches of teh proper hepatic artery? Left hepatic artery Right hepatic artery
Cystic artery comes off of _____________ right hepatic artery within the cystohepatic triangle
Pancreas receives blood from Celiac Trunk and superior mesenteric artery
Hepatic Portal Vein is formed by ___________ the union of the superior mesenteric vein with the splenic vein.
Where does the inferior mesenteric vein drain into? The splenic vein
Where is blood drained from the liver? Hepatic Veins drain into the inferior vena cava
What is the portal triad? Branch of the hepatic artery Branch of the bile duct Portal vein
Does the portal vein have valves? NO
What happens when hepatocytes are destroyed? replaced by scar tissue, increasing the pressure in teh portal circulation
What is portal hypertention? increased pressure in portal circulation caused by scar tissue
Where do the tributaries of the portal vein establish anastomosis? Superior & Inferior Vena Cavae - these collateral routes can be used to shunt blood around a Portal Vein obstruction
What are the early signs of cirrhosis? Water accumulates in legs due to decreased albuin. Decrease in production of clotting factos such as fibrogen so more bruising. Buildup of bilirubin results in jaundice. Change in mental status due to inability to clean toxins
Esophageal varices occur due to _________. systemic anastomoses of cirrhosis. build up in these veins due to increased pressure
Internal hemmorhoids are caused by portal hypertension
Esophageal varices cause death due to becoming so swollen and engorged with blood that their walls become thin and very fragile
Portal hypertension treatment diverting blood from the portal vein to the canal system
TIPS Tranjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt
CAPUT MEDUSA The small veins around the Ligamentum Teres communicate with the Portal Vein
Created by: tjamrose