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Jaime's West. Civ


When humans went from hunter-gatherer tribes to agriculturalists, what were two inventions that came about? bow and arrow & dug out canoe
what was the paleolithic era? nomadic tribes roamed africa, asia, europe & middle east
what & when was the neolithic revolution? hunter gatherers became food producers and began settling in the mediterraenan regions as agriculturalists, 7000 bce
who developed the first written language, the wheel, and first code of laws? sumerians
who unified upper and lower egypt and ruled over the first dynasty of the old kingdom of egypt? king menes
when did alexander the great conquer the near east, egypt and founded alexandria? 334-332 bce
who is thales? greek astronomer and philosopher
who is epicurus greek philosopher who focused on pursuing pleasure in moderation and avoiding pain
who are stoics? greek philosophers that accept fate as uncontrollable and avoid pain and pleasure
who founded rome & in what year? romulus and remus, in 753 bce
when was the first aqueduct in rome? 310 bce
in the first punic war, what was something that happened? romans defeat carthage, & take sicily
what was something significant in the second punic war? hannibal crosses alps to defeat romans
third punic war? romans take carthage (modern tunisia)
when was julius cesear assasinated? 4 bce
what was the pax romana? the 200 year long period of the roman empire that had peace and economic stability.
what was the roman empire divided into during year 364? east (constantinople= current istanbul) and west (rome)
when does the roman empire in the west end and how? in 476; odoacer overthrows romulus augustulus
what happened to early christians? persecuted up until the 4th century
who were the 4 doctors of the church st. ambrose, st. gregory, st. augustine, st. jerome
when was jesus christ around? 4 bce- 30 ce
when did jesus' apostles write the gospel? 75 ce
what significance did constantine have? first roman emperor to convert to christianty
when and what were the dark ages? from 375-1400 ce, there was not much cultural contribution to western civilization
the former roman empire in the east becomes what in the middle ages? the byzantine empire
when was the koran compiled? 610-635 ce
when were the jews persecuted in spain? 695 ce
when did gothic architecture spread from france and what was it like? 1100 ce, and it had tall cathedrals with pointed arches and flying buttresses.
when did the pope benedict VIII institute laws of celibacy? 1022
what did the schism do? divided the roman and eastern churches
what were the crusades? religious fervor, catholic church launces a series of "holy wars" against heathens. there were 6 crusades against turks and muslims, to gain control of jerusalem was also important
when and what was the magna carta? document established principles of law, meant to protect rights and property
what was inquisition period of intense questioning using torture under pope gregory IX
what was the renaissance? period of cultural and artistic and intellectual revival
what was the great schism? popes in rome and france rivaling for power
what is humanism? renaissance philosophy- focuses on human concerns
protestant reformation- what is it, and who were two important characters in it? it challenged roman catholic christianity, and it split the religion. martin luther was against church corruption and in favor of gaining personal salvation. john calvin argued for strict doctrine of individual predestination
how did the catholic church use the inquisition during the reformation? tried to suppress the rebellion
european expansionism. name a few key aspects of it technological advances in navigation, commerce and cultural exchange, colonialist exploitation, market capitalism
1492 where did columbus land!?!? land of the indians!! :(
what is the baroque period? characterized by elaborate ornamentation, bold curves, and overall balance. most influential in catholic countries
Created by: asc1892