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medterms chapt 8

hormones transformed through the blood
formed elements whole blood cells or also called cell fragments
leukocytes white blood cells
platelets thrombocytes
hemoglobin protein transported through the blood
hemostasis blood-clotting process
hematologist one who studies blood
leukocytosis abnormal conditon of white cells
hyperglcemia blood condition with excessive sugar
hyperlipemia blood condition with excessive fat
hematopoisis blood formation
hemostasis stopping of blood
hemocytstometry process of measuring blood cells
thrombocytopenia too few clotting cells
eosinophil attracted to rosy red
basophil attracted to basic
leukopoiesis formation of white cells
thrombolysis destruction of clot
antcaogulant any substance that prevents clot formation
aplastic anemia form of anemia caused by loss of functioning red bone marrow
blood culture and sensitivity blood specimen incubated to check for bacterial growth
caoulate formation of blodd clot
embolus floating clot
sedimentation rate indicated presence of inflammatory disease
hematocrit blood test that measures volume of red blood cells within total volume
hemotoma also known as a bruise
hemophilia inherited lack of vital clooting factor
leukemia cancer of leukocyt-forming red bone marrow
pernicious anemia absorbing insufficient amount of vitamin b12
phelbotomy also called venipuncture
polycythemia vera condition characterized by too many erythrocytes
prothrombin time test that measures how long it takes to clotto form after prothrombin
septicemia presence of bacteria or their toxins in bloodstream
sequential multiple analzer computer machine that performs multiple blood chemistry tests automatically
serum blood that has formed elements and clotting factors removed
sickle cell anemia inherited blood cell disorder in which erythrocytes take on an abnormal curved or sickle shape
thalassemia inherited blood disorder in which body is unable to correctly make hemoglobin
thrombolytic administering medication to dissolve blood clot
white blood cell differential blood test determines number of each type of leukocyte
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