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Social Studies

Government and Econmic Systems

What type of government is this? Student council elections are an example of this type of government. (Republic) Democracy
An example of this is Adolf Hitler. Dictator (Autocracy)
What are 2 examples of a confederation? Switzerland and Europian Union
What type of leader does Germany have? Chancellor
What word do we use to describe a republic? Representative
A small group of people control a country. Oligarchy
What European country has a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy? Uniited Kingdom
How many countries have a direct democracy? Zero
What is the name of the United Kingdom's law making body? parliament
What type of government system does United Kingdom have? (Unitary) Democracy
What distribution of power does Russia have? Federal
The leader of the United kingdom is... A Prime Minister
An absolute monarchy is an example of this. Autocracy
What type of democracy does United Kingdom have? Parliamentary Democracy
The King of Spain is limited by a set of laws. He was not elcted by the people of Spain but he inherited his position. What type of Government is this? Constitutional Monarchy
How is power distributed in the European Union? Confederation
True or false. The European Union wanted to promote free trade and democracy. True
Why did some European Union Nations not use the Euro? They wanted to keep some of their history.
What power distribution is this. Ollie has a big head and short tentacles. Unitary
The leadert of Russia is a... President
The distribution of power in Russia is... Federal
What is a direct democracy People vote on laws themselves, without representatives.
What country wanted to join the Europian Union in 2004 Hungary.
What are 2 European examples of a federal government? Russia and Germany
What type of government do most countries have? Democracy
If Queen Jennifer has complete control over a country what type of government does her country have? Constitutional Monarchy
In a Parliamentary Democracy would the citizens 1 vote on a law making body to vote for the leader or 2 vote for congress and then for president. 1 the citizens vote for a law making body and the law making body then votes for the leader.
The definition of this type of power distribution is several individual local governments that are loosly allianced. confederation.
in this type of power distribution there are levels of governments. Federal
Name a European country with a President Russia
Which of the following words best describes a republic; traditional,representative,autocratic,voluntary representative
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