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Urinary Systen

CQLC APII Urinary System

This is the term used to describe a bladder infection. Cystitis
This is a general term referring to kidney disease, especially inflammatory conditions. Nephritis
This condition refers to the lack of production of urine by the kidney. urinary supression
this is another term for kidney stones. renal calculi
this term refers to the involuntary voiding or loss of urine in an older child or adult. incontinence
This hormone would tend to increase the amount of urine produced atrial natriuretic hormone
the inner portion of the kidney is called... renal medulla
this condition can be treated by the insertion of a urinary catheter urinary retention
glycosuria is a failure in... resorption
the process by which most of the material in the nephron moves back into the blood is called? reabsorption
what is the first segment of the renal tubules called proximal convoluted tubule
what structure is in the renal corpuscle? Bowman's capsule
this hormone would tend to decrease the amount of urine produced ADH, and Aldosterone
this condition occurs when the kidneys produce urine but the urinary bladder cannot empty urinary retention
this condition is a slow progressive condition resulting from the gradual loss of nephrons that progresses through three stages chronic renal failure
the papilla of the renal pyramids opens into what structure calyx
even though this structure is part of the circulatory system, it is included in the discussion of the urinary system. glomerulus
what are the functions of the urinary system remove waste from the blood, maintain proper electrolyte balance, maintain proper pH level in the blood.
The process by which urine is passed out of the body is called urination, voiding, micturition
the outermost layer of the kidney is called... renal cortex
what is considered an obstructive disorder of the urinary system renal calculi
this tube carries urine out of the kidney ureter
this condition occurs when the kidneys are no longer producing urine urinary supression
this condition refers to an inflammation of the bladder cystitis
to properly clean the blood the kidneys must receive how much of the blood pumped by the heart 20%
Substances are added to the urine in the distal and collecting tubules through this process secretion
blood plasma moving from the glomerulus to Bowman's capsule is called filtration
What part if the kidney is actually an expansion of the upper end of the ureter renal pelvis
the outer layer of the kidney is called the renal medulla False
ANh is a unique hormone because it is produced by the heart True
Created by: lmcauley