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Radiation Ultraviolet rays exposed to individuals
Metastasize Generate tumors at distant sites
PSA specific antigen in prostate detected by blood test
Biopsy taking tissue to be studied by microscope
Screening Early testing done on those with risk factors
malignant another word for cancer, consisting of rapidly dividing cells
oncogenes A gene when mutated converts normal cells to cancer
Carcinogenic related to the development of cancer
apoptosis programmed cell death
Tumor swelling
leukemia cancer of white blood cells
histology the study of tissue
dysphagia difficulty speaking
benign non cancerous localized to tissue
melanoma malignant pigment producing cells through proliferation
neoplasm new growth
ABCD self exam check points to check for cancer
mutation Change in biochemistry of genes
colonoscopy test using camera to view colon
staging evaluating the extent of disease, where it is at in progression
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