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Ch. 5-India

South Asia is a ___________land. solitary diamond-shaped
A region that is separated by water from other lands are subcontinent
This area is where the largest mountain range in the world, what is it called? The Himalayas
The Tibetans people call Mount Everest the _____________. Goddess Mother of the World
South Asia is composed of how many countries? 9 countries
How many season does South Asia have? TWO SEASONS
During what months do farmers start planting, raising , and harvesting their crops? October to February
When does the "Hot" season in South Asia start? March to May
When does the "Monsoon or Rainy" start in South Asia? June to September
What are the 3 great rivers that flow through the subcontinent of South Asia? The Indus River, The Ganges River, The Brahmaputra River
Monsoon rains cause _______________ throughout the land, enriching the soil for farming. flooding and spreads silt
The families that live in this region rely on ___________________ to survive in the region. subsistence farming
Two cities that developed in the Indus River Valley region were the ___________________. Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
The Harappan civilization suddenly disappeared about 1700 B.C., some archaeologists suggest_________________. natural disaster, earthquake, or flooding, but nobody knows for sure .
The most dominant religion in India is ________________. Hinduism
About ___________percent of Indians in India are Hindus. 81
Hinduism started with the religious beliefs of __________ who lived in the Indus River Valley. the Aryans
There are _____________ that are collections of prayers and hymns recited by a priest in ceremonies and rituals. 4 Vedas
The ________ is the oldest of the Hindu Vedas. Rig Veda
Hinduism is a religion with many gods. What god is recognized only universal being that is the source and final destination of everything? Brahman
The three principal forms of Brahman are the gods_______________. Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu
__________________________ is the process through which a person goes from one life to the next. Hindus believe that after a person dies, he or she, is reborn into a new life. Reincarnation
A lifelong social group into which he or she is born into is called ______________. caste
What is the largest and highest mountain in the world? Mount Everest
What were the two things that the Aryans taught the ancient Indian culture? religion and writing
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