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Romulus and Remus Mythological founding of Rome
patricians upperclass
plebians lower class
Patricians/Plebian Relationship Client/patron relationship/reciporcal.-----Patricians: work, protection, food------Plebians: Strength in numbers, man power in voting and war
Political Monarchy 753-510 (hated by roman people)----Republic 510-527----Empire 27 B.c.-476 A.D.
How did Romans view themselves? SPQR: The sentate and the people of Rome
Consul There are two of them. Like an executive branch: lead in battle
preator judicial branch
censor 2x: conduct census. Money: how much do their people have?
Century Assembly ranked by wealth (the people). decided who had enough money to get into the senate. Must be morally virtious (would try them if they weren't. Way for censors to get people they disliked out of the senate).
Plebian Assembly Known as the tribune. It resprents the interests of plebians. No power of the legislature. HAVE VETO POWER. SAFEGUARD for the interest of the plebians. Pat. could bribe them often.
Messena 265--Civil War: Carthigans and RomeNeed to help Sicilian people or be closer to the C.
Punic Wars 1st:264-241----2nd:218-201---3rd:149-146romans won all of the wars
1st Punic War Creation of the Roman Navy. It was the first permanent colonies outside of Italy (Rome) (Corsica)(Sarduna)(Sicily)
2nd Punic War Sagutum. Hannibal in Italy. Victory brings Rome Spain and undisputed control of the Mediterrainean area.
Consequences of the Punic Wars Increased the importance of the Senate. Provinical ad (progation) (responsibility)......Absolute control: govs are appointed!!Professialization of the military (men recieve bounties or land for fighting). At first they were civilian fighters who were seas
Marius (157-186) General-Punic Wars (end). Was the one who first gave land to soliders. Represents professionalization.
Sulla (138-178) general (lead army in E.)He was removed by the Senate. He marched upon Rome and forced them to reinstate him. He is, but then he is expelled once more. He, this time, names himself dictator and packs the Senate with his friends and kills enemies. Then he
Marius and Sulla Destory the republic. Could do because of the loyalty from the warroirs (they gave them land).
Julius Caesar 1st triumvirate (Pompey, JC, and Crassus).Was in Gaul fighting. He crosses the Rubicon and declares war on the state. Makes himself Dictator for "Life". He keeps adding years. Packs the senate with his allies(Italian, Gaulic, and warriors). Expands the Se
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