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Planning Movements

AICP Exam Prep HCC - Movements

Agrarian Movement Thomas Jefferson focus on farms and agricultural way of life
Laissez Faire Movement Adam Smith focus on free market economy
Public Health Movement response to poor living conditions in cities
Garden City Movement Ebenezer Howard self-contained communities surrounded by greenbelts
City Beautiful Movement Daniel Burnham stressed order, balance, dignity, harmony, and neo-classical architecture incorporated civic improvements, parks, tree-lined boulevards, and public art into city design
Radiant City Movement Le Corbusier modern skyscrapers surrounded by parks
City Humane Movement FDR - New Deal Works Progress Administration
New Town Movement full scale, self-contained towns features class integration and neighborhood unit principle Examples: Reston, VA and Columbia, MD
City Functional Movement military/federal rigid structure
Suburbanization "White Flight" - escape from cities
New Urbanism Andres Duany focus on mixed use, walkable communities Example: Seaside, FL
Smart Growth/Sustainability seeks to address problems caused by low-density development (such as threatened farmland, open space, increased public service costs, sprawl, and degradation of the environment)
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