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Planning Authors

AICP Exam Prep HCC - Authors

Who wrote "Ladder of Citizen Participation"? Sherry Arnstein divided public participation and planning into 3 levels: non-participation, tokenism, and citizen power
Who wrote "Tomorrow: A Peaceful Path to Real Reform"? Ebenezer Howard Garden City - proposed self-sufficient, high-density communities surrounded by a greenbelt of open space
Who wrote "The Death and Life of Great American Cities"? Jane Jacobs critique of planning - discussed importance of design in terms of user orientation, mix of uses, safety, public sidewalk life
Who wrote "The Geography of Nowhere"? Howard Kuntzler
Who wrote "Image of the City"? Kevin Lynch defines basic elements of city's "imageability" - network of paths, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks contribute to the image of a city
Who contributed to the "Plan for New York and Its Environs"? Clarence Perry neighborhood unit concept - neighborhoods should be based on a distance people can comfortably walk - population of 6,000
Who wrote "How the Other Half Lives"? Jacob Riis stimulus for housing reform
Who wrote "Broadacre City: A New Community Plan"? Frank Lloyd Wright each home situated on at least an acre of land and someone in each home owned a car
Who wrote "Rules for Radicals"? Saul Alinsky advocacy planning - organizers and neighborhood groups should solve community problems through grassroots organizing and political activism
Who came up with New Urbanism? Andres Duany higher density with mix of housing types and commercial development so people can use alternate transportation modes Example: Seaside, FL
Who wrote "The Urban General Plan"? T.J. Kent planning textbook on history, purpose, scope, and use of comprehensive plans
Who is Frederick Law Olmstead, Sr.? He designed Central Park. Designed Riverside, IL - 1st planned suburban community stressing rural amenities - Garden suburb of Chicago
Who is Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr.? He designed Forest Hill Gardens in Long Island, NY. He was the 1st president of the American City Planning Institute
Created by: hccovi2
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