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European Colonizatio


Crusades Wars-Christians vs. Muslims-fight for control of the Holy Land
Renaissance burst of learning from increased trade and travel
Roanoke a lost and unsuccessful english colony
Jamestown first permanent English settlement in North America
Missionaries people who try to convert others to their religion
Francisco Pizarro Conquered the incas
Hernando Cortes Conquered the aztecs
Missons religious settlements
Joint stock companies backed by investors
what type of government did Jamestown have? representative government
Mayflower Compact agreement signed by the pilgrims to work together to make the plymouth colony succeed
why did the pilgrims come to america? religious FREEDOM
house of burgesses first representative assembly in the american colonies
magna carta great charter-guaranteed rights to english nobles including trial by jury
3 goals of the swag spanish conquistadors God, Gold, Glory
Moctezuma aztec emperor
conquistadors spanish conquerers
peter stuyvesant leader of the colony of new amsterdam and was put in charge because of his swag rules
how did the french make money? $$ fur trapping and trading
what country had the strongest navy until 1588????????//?>??? SPAIN *tacos and burritos*
indentured servant a person who works in exchange for passage to the new world
ferdinand magellan first person to sail completely around the world (circumnavigate yo)
coureurs de bois "runners of the woods"-French colonists who lived and worked in the woods
port royal first permanent french settlement in north america
what native american group/tribe/thing were the french allies with????>>? the algonquins
peter minuit bought manhattan
what did the english rename new amsterdam? new york after the duke of york #yoloswag
bartolome de las casas fought for better treatment of native americans
what were the two viceroyalties of the spanish empire? New spain and peru
encomienda plan gave colonists the right to demand labor or taxes from native americans living on the land
haciendas large estates created to feed colonists
wher were the spanish social classes? peninsulares-from spain, creoles-has spanish parents but was born in the colonies, mestizos-spanish + native american Native americans
what was the relationship between spain and the native americans? spain conquered them and treated them like slaves, forcing them to work in mines
viceroy person sent by spain to rule the spanish colonies
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