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European Government

In what type of government does a single ruler hold unlimited power? Autocratic
In what type of government does a small group of people hold all the power? Oligarchic
In what type of government does the people hold the power and elects their leaders? Democratic
A confederation has ____ central government and _____ regional governments. Weak, strong
In what type of government, does the central government share power with the regional governments? Federal
A unitary government has a ______ central government and _______ regional governments. Strong, weak
In a parliamentary democracy, the prime minister is selected by the ? Legislature or Parliament
In a ______ democracy, the leader is elected by the people. Presidential
Who is the German Chancellor? Angela Merkel
Who is the German President? Joachim Gauck
Who is the Russian President? Vladmir Putin
Who is the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? David Cameron
Who is the Head of State for the United Kingdom? Queen Elizabeth II
What is the most popular currency used within the European Union? Euro
Why was the European Union formed? To give smaller European nations a more competitive edge in world trade.
In which branch of Parliament, are members elected by the public? House of Commons
In which branch of Parliament are members appointed either by the Head of State or elected by the other house? House of Lords
What is the more powerful house in the German Reichstag? Bundestag
What is another name for the German Federal Assembly? Reichstag
What branch of German's national government is most concern with state's rights? Bundesrat
In Russia, the office of _____________ is decided by a popular vote of citizens. President
How is power distributed in Germany and Russia ? Federal
How is power distributed in United Kingdom? unitary
Which branch of the Russian Federal Assembly has the most power and is elected by the citizens? State Duma
Which branch of the Russian Federal Assembly is where the representatives are appointed by the states? Federal Council
United Kingdom, Germany and Russia are all _________ in terms of civic participation. democracies
In the United Kingdom, who was born to lead? Queen Elizabeth II
In what type of economy does the government control everything? Command
In which type of economy do people barter and trade goods as opposed to currency? Traditional
In a ______ economy, prices are determined by supply and demand. Market
Most of the countries in the world have a ____ economy. Mixed.
In Russia, who is the Head of STate? President
The United Kingdom is to House of Commons s Germany is to __. Bundestag
Since Germany is a Welfare State, who receives guaranteed benefits? Unemployed citizens
Who is the most government power in a parliamentary system? Member of parliament
Legislature is to Parliament as President is to ______. Prime Minister
In which types of governments od citizen have NO voting rights? Oligarchy and autocracy
In a confederation, all members _____ agree to join. Voluntarily
In a confederation, if a regional law conflicts with a national law, which law takes precedence? Regional
Created by: marycrippen