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Laryngeal Muscles

Stack #171796

What is the function of the cricothyroids? Glottal tensor
What is the function of the thyroarytenoids? Glottal tensor
What is the function of the posterior cricoarytenoids? Abductor
What is the function of the arytenoids? Adductor
What is the function of the lateral cricoarytenoids? Adductor
What is the function of the thyroarytenoids? Glottal relaxers
What purpose do the extrinsic laryngeal muscles serve? Support the larynx and fix it in position
What purpose do the intrinsic laryngeal muscles serve? Control sound production
What purpose do the suprahyoid muscles serve? Elevate the larynx
What purpose do the infrahyoid muscles serve? Depress the larynx
What are the extrinsic muscles? Sally Thanks Iggy For Cock (sternothyroid, thyrohyoid, inferior pharyngeal constrictor)
Origin and Insertion of sternothyroids? Manubrium and thyroid cartilage
Purpose of the sternothyroids? Draws thyroid cartilage down
Origin and Insertion of thyrohyoids? Thyroid lamina and greater horn of hyoid
Purpose of thyrohyoids? Decreases distance between thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone
Location of inferior pharyngeal constrictors? Lower portion of thyroid and cricoid cartilages
Purpose of inferior pharyngeal constrictors? Swallowing and forming principal resonance cavity
What are the suprahyoid muscles? (laryngeal elevators) Dirty Sluts Make Jenny Hate Jerry (digastric, stylohyoid, mylohyoid, geniohyoid, hyoglossus, genioglossus)
Origin and insertion of anterior belly of digastric? Mandible and lesser horn of hyoid
Origin and insertion of posterior belly of digastric? Mastoid and sternocleidomastoid
Function of the digastric? Raises the hyoid or depresses lower jaw
Origin and insertion of stylohyoid? Styloid process and hyoid
Function of the stylohyoid? Draws the hyoid bone up and backwards
Location of the mylohyoid? Floor of the mouth
Function of the mylohyoid? Raises hyoid, mouth floor and tongue (swallowing). Depresses mandible
Location of the geniohyoid? Superior to mylohyoid, insert on hyoid
Function of geniohyoid? Pulls the hyoid up and forward (when mandible is fixed)
Description of hyoglossus? Extrinsic tongue muscle, originates from greater horns of hyoid
Origin and insertion of genioglossus? Mental symphysis and body of hyoid (extrinsic tongue muscle)
Function of genioglossus? Elevates hyoid and draws it forwad
What are the infrahyoid muscles? (laryngeal depressors) Sternohyoid and omohyoid
Origin and insertion of sternohyoid? Manubrium and lower border of hyoid
Function of sternohyoid? Draws hyoid down and fixes it
Origin and insertion of inferior/posterior belly of omohyoid? Scapula and intermediate tendon
Origin and insertion of superior/anterior belly of omohyoid? Intermediate tendon and greater horn of hyoid
Function of omohyoid? Prevents neck from collapsing during inhalation
Function of intrinsic abductors? Separate arytenoids and vocal folds for respiration
Function of intrinsic adductors? Approximate arytenoids and vocal folds for phonation
Function of intrinsic tensors? Elongate vocal folds
Function of intrinsic relaxers? Shorten vocal folds
What is medial compression? The extent of force with which the vocal folds are brought together at the midline
What is longitudinal tension? The degree of stretching force
Components of the thyroarytenoid? Vocalis and thyromuscularis
Action of thyroarytenoid? Twisted when vocal folds are adducted and unwound when vocal fold s are abducted
Histology of vocal fold? epithelium, superficial layer of lamina propria, intermediate layer of lamina propria, deep layer of lamina propria, vocalis muscle
Cover of vocal fold? Epithelium and superficial lamina propria
Transition of vocal fold? Intermediate and deep layers of lamina propria
Body of vocal fold? Vocalis muscle (passive and active)
What is a mucosal wave? Wave produced in phonation, reliant on superficial layer of lamina propria
Function of thyroarytenoid? Regulator of longitudinal tension, close glottis or increase vocal fold tension (adductor, tensor or relaxer)
Function of thyroarytenoid? Tilts thyroid cartilage back to relax vocal folds and pulls on muscular process of arytenoids to aid in compression (relaxer)
Function of posterior cricoarytenoid? Singular abductor (lateral bundle is abductor and remainder stabilizes/fixes arytenoids)--approximation and depression
Function of lateral cricoarytenoid? Glottal adductor and relaxer, rotates arytenoid cartilage to bring vocal processes to midline, regulates medical compression and shapes glottis for whisper
Function of oblique arytenoids? Approximate arytenoid cartilages and regulate medial compression
Function of transverse arytenoids? Make arytenoid cartilages slide along articular capsule toward midline
Function of cricothyroid? Tenses and elongate vocal folds, increase distance between vocal processes and vocal folds for pitch changes
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