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Ch: 13 Quiz

What was The Middle Ages also called? The Medieval Period
What were the three roots in society? The classical heritage of Rome; The customs of various Germanic tribes; The beliefs in the Roman Catholic Church
The group of people that held power in the providence of Gaul were? The Franks
In 1590 Gregory I became what? Pope
What is a manor? A lords estate
What is feudalism? Rights and obligations in exchange for military protection and other services
What were vikings also called? Northmen; Norsemen
What did Charlemagne do? Reunite the Roman Empire for one last time.
Who did Clovis rule over ? The Franks
What was the significance of Charles Martel's victory at The Battle of Tours? He stopped the Muslims and if he didn't their empire could have been Muslim and not Christian.
Who were a knights masters? Lady of choice; Lord; God
Over time did knights become the most important part of an army? (Yes; No) Yes
What was the knights standards or ideals called? A code of Chivalry
Knights were very rarely punished for what? Brutality towards the serfs; weak
At age 14 a knight was called a what? Squire
At age 7 a knight was called a what? Paige
Staged or mocked battles to entertain an audience were called what? Tournaments
Women were taught what by the church? They were weaker then a man; inferior to men
Knights devoted much of their time to what? Their fighting skills
Otto I tried to follow in whose footsteps? Charlemagne's
What did a tiara symbolize for a pope? How much power he had
What is excommunication? When the pope can make sure that a king or anyone else can't receive any more sacraments or go to heaven
What is interdict? When the pope can make sure that everyone in the kingdom can't receive any religious activity in that kingdom and can't go to heaven.
What was the social class structure in feudalism? Pope; Kings; Lords; Vassals; Knights; Serfs
What was one type of weapon a knight used? Sword; Shield; Caltrop; Flying Missals; Flying Horses; Arrows; Many More
Created by: Duke30blue