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MA Terminology

General Medical Assisting Medical Terminology

Adren Gland
Angio Blood vessel
Arterio Artery
Arthro Joint
Articulo Joint
Audio Hearing
Blepharo Eyelid
Bronchi Bronchus (air passage)
Bucco Cheek
Burso Bursa
Calci Stone
Carcinio Cancer
Cardio Heart
Cervio Neck
Chemo Drug or Chemistry
Cholechysto Gallbladder
Colono Colon
Costo Rib
Cranio Skull
Cutaneo Skin
Cysto Bladder
Cyto Cell
Dactylo Finger, Toe
Dermo Skin
Dorso Back
Encephalo Brain
Entero Intestines
Fascio Fibrous Tissue
Fibro Connective tissue
Gastro Stomach
Gingivo Gum
Glyco Sugar
Gono Genitals
Gyno Woman
Hepato Liver
Histo Tissue
Hystero Womb, Uterus
Iro Iris
Kali Potassium
Karyo Nucleus
Labio Lip
Lacrimo Tear
Lapero Abdomen
Laryngo Larynx
Leuko Wjite
Lipo Fat
Litho Stone
Lympho Lymph
Mammo Breast
Masto Breast
Meningo Membrane
Meno Menstruation
Myo Muscle
Nephro Kidney
Neuro Nerve
Oculo Eye
Onco Tumor
Opto Vision
Oto Eat
Orchio Testes
Osteo Bone
Patho Disease
Pectoro Chest
Pharyngo Pharynx
Phlebo Blood
Pleuro Rib
Pneumono Air
Psycho Lung
Recto Rectum
Retino Retina
Rhino Nose
Spleno Spleen
Synovio Lining the joint
Tendo Tendon
Thorac/ I or o Rib cage
Thrombo Blood clot
Urethra Urethra
Utero Uterus, Womb
Veno Vein
Vesico Bladder
A, An Absence of
Ab Away from
Ad Toward
Aniso Unequal
Ante Before
Anti Against
Auto Self
Bi Both, or Two
Bio Life
Circum Around
Con With
Contra Against, or Opposite
Cryo Cold
Dis Apart
Dys Painful or Bad
Ec Out
Ecto Outside of
En In
Endo Inside of
Epi On or Before
Eu Good
Ex Out
Hemi Half
Hemo Pertaining to blood
Homeo Similar
Hyper High
Hypo Low or Below
Idio One's own
Inter Between
Intra Within
Iso Equal
Mal Bad
Mega Large
Meso Middle
Meta Beyond
Micro Tiny
Mono One
Multi Many
Myelo Relating to bone marrow
Neo New
Pachy Thick
Para Alongside or Abnormal
Per Through
Peri Surrounding
Poly Many
Post After
Pre Before
Primi First
Retro Behind
Semi Half
Sub Beneath
Super In excess
Supra Above
Syn With
Tachy Fast
Uni One
Al Pertaining to
Algia Pain
Ary Pertaining to
Cele Hernia or Swelling
Centesis Puncture in order to aspirate
Cidal Destroying of
Desis Binding
Dynia Pain
Ectomy Removal of
Ectasis Expansion of
Emesis Vomiting
Genic Producing
Genesis Producing
Graph Recording device
Graphy Recording process
iasis Abnormal condiction
iatric Treatment of
iatry Field of medicine
Ic Relating to
ism Condition of
ite Resembling or Like
itis Inflammation
Lepsis Seizure or Attack
Logist Specialist in the study of
Logy Study of
Lysis Destruction of
Malacia Softening
Megaly Enlargement
Meter Measuring tool
Old Resembling or Like
Oma Tumor
Osis Condition of
Ous Pertaining to
Pathy Disease
Penia Deficiency
Pexy Fixation or suspension
Phagia Eating or Swelling
Phil or Philia Abnormal attraction
Phobia Abnormal fear
Plasia Development
Plasty Surgical repair
Plegia Paralysis
Ptosis Drooping/Falling
Poiesis Production
Osis Adnormal condition
rrhage Bursting forth / excessive flow
rrhaphy Surgical suturing
rrhexis Rupture
rrhea Flowing discharge
rrhoea Discharge/ Flowing
sis Conditions of
stasis Stop
stenosis Narrowing
scope Viewing device
scopy Process using a scope
stomy Making a surgical incision
tic Pertaining to
tomy Incision/ or cutting into
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