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Med Term Ch 4-5-6

Medical Terminology get connected chapters 4-5-6

Skin cutane
gland aden
kerat Keratin, hard, hornlike
sweat hidro
chem chemical
fat adip
cancer carcin
blue cyan
bio life
red erythr
cold cry
white leuk
scaly ichthy
pus py
black melan
nail onych
oil seb
hair trich
dry xer
hard scler
death necr
bladder vesic
across trans-
view of -opsy
abnormal condition -osis
lower jaw bone mandibul
tailbone coccyg
wrist carp
bursa burs
bone oste
rib cost
cartilage chondr
thinner lower leg bone fibul
upper jaw bone maxill
upper arm bone humer
inside part of forearm radi
muscle myel
thigh bone femor
collar bone clavicul
knee cap patell
sacrum sacr
hump kyph
outer side of the forearm uln
fingers & toes phalang
bent backward lord
part of the pelvis pub
tendon ten
ankle tars
shin, larger lower leg bone tibi
nearest (to beginning of structure) proxim
backbone vertebr
chest thorac
elbow cubit
side later
stomach gastr
back (side of the body) dors
farthest (away from beginning of structure) dist
front (side of the body) anter
breast bone, sternum stern
middle medi
head cephal
ear ot
below, lower infer
belly ventr
above, upper super
buttocks glute
neck cervic
arm brachi
back (side of the body) poster
fibrous fibr
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