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Chapter 13 Test

Test for Chapter 13 section 1-4.

What time period was the middle ages? 500 AD to 1500 AD.
Who was the first pope? Gregory I.
Who brought Christianity to the Franks? Clovis.
Who began the Carolingian Dynasty? Pepin the Short
Who is the son of Pepin, who conquered a large area of land and was crowned emperor by the pope. Charlemagne.
Charlemagne united what kingdoms? The Germanic Kingdoms.
What were 3 affects of the attacks on the Roman Empire? Disruption of trade, population shifts, decline of learning.
Who won the Battle of Tours? Charles Martel.
What were the vikings also called? Northmen or norsemen.
Where were the vikings from? They were Germanic people from Scandinavia.
Nomadic people who where skilled on horseback that attack Western Europe from the east. Magyars.
Attacked from the south, from North Africa and attacked as far as Italy and Spain. Muslims.
Who was Rollo? The head of the viking army, swore a pledge and became loyal to Charles the Simple.
What was the highest level of feudalism pyramid? Kings.
Who were landowners that gave out land for services. Lords.
Lesser Lords Vassals.
Mounted horsemen who pledged loyalty to their lords. Knights.
Lowest level of the feudalism pyramid, did mostly field work. Peasant/Serf.
What was Chivalry? A knight's code of conduct.
What values did Chivalry express? Loyalty, honesty, courtesy, and bravery.
Knights had 3 masters, who were they? Their lord, their God, their chosen lady.
What were knights rarely punished for? brutality to the weak.
What were the 3 steps of becoming a knight? Page, squire, knight.
What were 2 harsh punishments that the church could do? Excommunication, interdiction.
Why did Henry IV beg for forgiveness from Gregory VII? Henry IV was excommunicated after demanding for Gregory VII to step down, and his nobles were loyal to Gregory VII.
Created by: 19jquigley