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Nazi Germany

Keywords and definitions for Nazi Germany

Appeasement British and French policy of giving in to Hitler's demands to avoid going to war.
Anschluss Union between Germany and Austria, forbidden in the Treaty of Versailles.
Antisemitism Anti-Jewish behaviour.
Aryan Hitler's perceived German master race .
Brownshirts SA, Nazi supporters, led by Rohm.
Concentration Camps Prison camps initially for political prisoners, eventually where Jews would be sent during the Holocaust.
Condor Legion Unit of the Luftwaffe sent to assist Franco in Spanish Civil War
Enabling Act Enabled Hitler to rule by decree
Final Solution Hitler's plan to exterminate Jews in Concentration camps.
Gestapo Hitler's secret police.
Gross Deutschland Hitler's policy to unite all German speakers.
Hitler youth Youth association for Nazi boys.
Holocaust Systematic murder of Jews carried out by Nazis in WWII.
Kristallnacht Night of vandalism and violence against Jewish property.
Lebensraum Living Space, Hitler's plan to expand eastward through Poland and Russia.
Luftwaffe German air-force.
Mein Kampf My Struggle, the name of Hitler's autobiography.
Munich Putsch Early failed attempt of Nazi party to stage an uprising.
Night of the Long Knives Night when Hitler had Rohm and SA leaders murdered.
Nuremberg Laws Anti Jewish laws, took away Jewish citizenship, banned Jews from certain jobs.
Nuremberg Rallies Massive festivals of marching and speeches celebrating Nazism.
Pact of Steel Military alliance between Hitler and Mussolini.
Propaganda Using the media to influence public opinion in support of or against a particular idea.
Reichstag German parliament.
Rome Berlin Axis Early agreement between Hitler and Mussolini
SS Hitler's bodyguard, black-shirts.
Swastika Nazi symbol, worn on uniforms and displayed everywhere on flags and banners.
Third Reich Third Empire, name Hitler used for Germany under his rule.
Treaty of Versailles Treaty signed between Germany and the victorious countries after WWI.
Fuhrer The leader, the title Hitler used after the death of President Hindenberg to amalgamate the roles of Chancellor and President.
Nazi-Soviet Pact ten year non-agression Agreement between Hitler and Stalin, also incuded plans to divide Poland between them.
Maginot Line Series of defensive forts built by the French to defend their border from German attack.
Created by: Mrs Curran