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History chapter 13

What are the three things knights fought for? They fought for their lord, religious lord and chosen lady
why was the feudal system complicated in some alliances? a noble can be a vassal who could be a lord to other people
what were the 3 steps to knighthood? a paige a squire and than a knight
who worked the land for the knights and nobles? peasants and serfs
nobles were granted the use of land that legally belonged to who? the king
who came after the lesser lords on the medieval social class structure? knights
nobles and _____________ had the same power? church officials
what did serfs get in return for working the land? protection
what side of feudalism was the manor system? economic
what did a typical manor always include? farm land, a church, village,castle, and a forest
what did serfs do on the one day they were given off? farmed to feed their families and attended church
why did serfs not have a problem with their lifestyle? they believed god chose their social standings
why did serfs rarely leave the manor? they were mostly self-sufficient
when nobles won battles they gave land to who? the knights
how were knights supposed to live their lives? the used the following values of bravery, honesty, loyalty, compassion, and respect
how did knights gain fighting experience? they fought in staged combat and tournaments
what is chivalry? a code of conduct for knights?
who were the northmen? the vikings
what is a fief? a land grant
what is a tithe? a church tax paid to the village priest
what is a troubadour? a poet-musician
what is an epic? a poem about knights adventures
songs and poems were often written about who? a knights loyalty to the lady he loved
what was a women's role in medieval society? had very little power, were taught they were inferior to men by the church, and were limited to activities at home
how many days did peasants have for them self 1 day
Created by: 19aloverich