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Word Roots

Angi Blood vessel
articul Joint
blephar Eyelid
bucc Cheek
burs Bursa
Cervi Neck
cholechyst gallbladder
Cost Rib
Crani Skull
Cutane Skin
Dactyl Finger, toe
dors Back
Encephal Brain
Enter Intestine
Fasci Fiberous tissue
Fibr Connectie tissue
gingiv gum
glyc sugar
gon genitals
hyster womb, uterus
ir iris
kal potassium
kary nucleous
labi lip
lacrim tear
laper abdomen
laryng larynx
leuk white
lip/o fat
mamm breast
mast breast
mening membrane
men/o menstruation
my/o muscle
ocul/o eye
onc/o tumor
orchi/o teates
oste/o bone
path/o disease
pector/o chest
pleur/o rib
psych/o mind
rhin/o nose
spleno spleen
synovi/o joint
vesic/o bladder
ab away from
ad toward
aniso unequal
ante before
circum around
con with
contra against, opposite
cryo cold
dis apart
dys painful, bad
ec out
ecto outside of
en in
eu good
ex out
homeo similar
idio one's own
inter between
intra within
iso equal
mal bad
meso middle
meta beyond
myel/o pertaining to bone
pachy thick
para alongside, normal
per through
peri surrounding
poly many
retro behind
primi first
super in excess
supra above
syn with
uni one
al pertaining to
ary pertaining to
cele hernia, swelling
centesis punture in order of aspirate
cidal destroying of
desis binding
ectomy removal of
ectasis expansion of
emesis vomiting
genic, genesis producing
graph recording device
graphy process of recording
iasis abnormal condition
iatric treatment of
iatry field of medicine
ic relating to
ism condition of
ite resembling, like
lepsis seizure, attack
lysis destruction of
malacia softening of
oid resembling, like
osis condition of
penia deficiency
pexy fixation or suspension
phagia eating or swallowing
phil or philia abnormal attraction
plasia development
plasty surgical repair
plegia paralysis
poiesis production
ptosis dropping, falling
rrhaphy surgical suturing
rrhea discharge, flowing
sis condition of
stasis stop
stenosis narrowing
stomy making a surgical incision
tomy incision, cutting into
Created by: nconnolly26
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