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Blue Module

Terminology and Word Building

Abnormal condition of decreased colour hypochromatosis
Blood condition of the spleen splenemia
Blood protein hematoglobin
Bursting forth of blood hematorrhagia
Cell made of net/mesh reticulocyte
Cell that eats phagocyte
Decrease of white (blood cells) leukopenia
Deficiency of granules granulopenia
Destruction of a nucleus nucleolysis
Destruction of an embryonic cell blastolysis
Disease of a lymph node lymphadenopathy
Disease of the thymus thymopathy
Embryonic cell of bone marrow myeloblast
Fear of poison toxophobia
Forming red (blood cells) erthyrogenesis
Iron deficiency sideropenia
Irregular blood clot cell poikilothrombocyte
Lymph cell lymphocyte
Pertaining to blood cot formation thromboplastic
Pertaining to foreign origin xenogenic
Pertaining to without formation/growth aplastic
Poisoned nucleus nucleotoxic
Process of genetic change mutation
Producing shape morphogenesis
Resembling a gland adenoid
Small cell microcyte
Study of blood hematology
Study of immunity and blood immunohemology
Study of lymph vessels lymphangiology
Tumour of serum seroma
Resembling a gland adenoid
Condition of clumping aggulination
Attraction to base basophil
Abnormal increase of red embryonic cells erythroblastosis
Pertaining to below colour hypochromic
Attraction for rose colour eosinophil
Red cell erythrocyte
Cell containing granules granulocyte
Fear of blood hematophobia
Blood tumour hematoma
Study of immunity immunology
Destruction of the nucleus nucleolysis
White blood condition leukemia
Disease of lymph nodes lymphadenopathy
Resembling lymph lymphoid
Tumour of lymph vessels lymphangioma
Study of form/shape morphology
Relating to producing in bone marrow myelogenic
Pertaining to an attraction for neutral neutrophilic
Cell that eats phagocyte
Pertaining to a failure to form
Cell that is irregular or varied poikilocyte
Cell that contains a net reticulocyte
Study of serum serology
Deficiency of iron siderpenia
Bursting forth of the spleen splenorrhagia
Abnormal condition of a blood clot thrombosis
Disease of the thymus gland thymopathy
Foreign transplantation xenograft
Red embryonic cell erythroblast
Without blood ahemat
Blood protein hemoglobin
Self transplantation autograft
Abnormal increase in white cells leukocytosis
Abnormal decrease in red erythropenia
Attraction for neutral neutrophil
Carrying electricity electrophoresis
Against protection anaphylaxis
Formation of blood hemoplasia
Standing still of blood hemostasis
Without a form amorph
Transplantation from other allograft
Abnormal increase in cells that are unequal anisocytosis
Pertaining to the same colour isochromic
Large cell macrocyte
Small cell microcyte
Abnormal condition of one nucleus mononucleosis
Pertaining to many forms or shapes polymorphic
A cell containing granules granulocyte
Abnormal condition of red embryonic cells erythroblastosis
Adenopathy disease of a gland
Agglutinophilic pertaining to clumpin;gluing attraction for
Agranulocyte cell without granules
Allomorphic pertaining to other;differing from the normal form;shape;structure
Aniscochromatic pertaining to unequal;dissimilar colour
Aplastic pertaining to not;without formation;growth
Attraction for dawn eosinophil
Basophil attraction for base
Blastoma tumor of embryonic cell
Blood condition of white (blood cells) leukemia
Carrying electricity electrophoresis
Chromatophil attraction for colour
Destruction of a nucleus nucleolysis
Development of bone marrow myelotrophy
Disease caused by poison toxopathy
Disease of the thymus thymopathy
Eyrthematogenic pertaining to red blood forming;producing;origin
Erythrocytolysis separation;destruction;loosening red cell
Formation of blood hematoplasm
Forming an embryonic cell genoblast
Granulopoiesis formation;production granule
Hemoglobin blood protein
Hemostasis blood standing still
Hypovolemia blood condition under;below volume
Immunology study of immune;immunity
Irregular shaped blood clot cell poikilomorphothrombocyte
Karyocyte nucleus cell
Leukopoiesis carrying;transmission white
Lymphadenopathy disease of lymph gland
Lymphangioma tumor of lymph vessel
Lymphoblast embryonic cell lymph
Macrolymphocyte large lymph cell
Microcyte small cell
Mononucleosis abnormal condition;increase one nucleus
Morphogenesis forming;producing;origin form;shape;structure
Mutation process of genetic change
Myelorrhagia bursting forth of bone marrow;spinal cord
Neutrophil attraction for neutral
Pertaining to a small spleen microsplenic
Pertaining to having the same;equal colour isochromatic
Pertaining to producing immunity genoimmunic
Phagocyte swallowing;eating cell
Poikilocyte varied;irregular cell
Polymorphonuclear many shape nucleus
Producing clumps agglutinogen
Production of lymph lymphogen
Protection against anaphylaxis
Resembling a lymph gland lymphadenoid
Reticulocyte cell net;mesh
Self producing autogenesis
Separation of colour chromatolysis
Sideropenia decreased;deficiency of iron
Study of lymph vessels lymphangiology
Study of shape morphology
Thymoma tumor of thymus gland
Toxemia blood condition poison
Tumour of a gland adenoma
Xenograft foreign;strange transplantation
Adenoid resembling a gland
Agglutination process of clumping;gluing
Allograft other;differing from normal transplantation
Amorphic pertaining to not;without form;shape;structure
Anaphylaxis protection against
Anemia blood condition without;not
Anisocytosis abnormal condition;increase unequal;dissimilar cell
Aplastic pertaining to not;without formation;growth
Autograft self;own transplantation
Basophil attraction for base
Electrophoresis carrying;transmission electricity
Eosinophil attraction for dawn
Erythroblast red embryonic cell
Erythroblastosis abnormal condition;increase red embryonic cell
Erythrocyte red cell
Erythropenia decrease;deficiency red
Granulocyte cell granule
Hematoma tumor of blood
Hemoglobin protein blood
Hemopoiesis formation;production blood
Hemostasis standing still blood
Homophobia fear of same
Hypochromic pertaining to under;below colour
Immunology study of immune
Isochromic pertaining to same;equal colour
Karyolysis separation;destruction;loosening of nucleus
Leukemia blood condition white
Leukocytosis abnormal condition;increase white cell
Lymphadenopathy disease of lymph gland
Lymphangioma tumor of lymph vessel
Lymphoid resembling lymph
Macrocyte large cell
Microcyte small cell
Mononucleosis abnormal condition;increase one nucleus
Morphology study of form;shape;structure
Myelogenic pertaining to bone marrow;spinal cord form;producing;origin
Neutrophil neutral;neither attraction for
Neutrophilic pertaining to neutral;neither attraction for
Phagocyte swallowing;eating cell
Poikilocyte varied;irregular cell
Polymorphic pertaining to many;much form;shape;structure
Reticulocyte cell net;mesh
Serology study of serum
Sideropenia decrease;dificiency iron
Splenorrhagia bursting forth spleen
Thrombosis abnormal condition;increase blood clot
Thymopathy disease thymus gland
Xenograft transplantation foreign;strange
Created by: Barbara Ross