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Unit 2B

Nervous System In General

2 Coordinating Systems of the Body Nervous system and Endocrine System
rapid activity involves the ? ex) movement and thinking nervous system
Slow activity involves the ? ex) Growth Endocrine System
The Nervous System is a coordinating system of the body composed of a group of _________ _________ cells for conducting nerve impulses to a center so responses can be made. Highly Specialized
the NS provides a control for the _________ activities of the body . Rapid
Two Major subdivisions of the NS Central Nervous System & Peripheral Nervous System
Part(s) of the CNS Brain & spinal cord
Part(s) of the PNS Nerves
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: To receive stimuli from the ___________ is done by the _________ environment, Receptors
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: To transform these stimuli into ______ ____ is done by the Nerve impulses , Receptors
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: transmits nervous impulses to the proper nerve center of the body is done by ? neurons
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: to process the information and__________ the appropriate response is done by the ? determine, brain and spinal cord ( CNS)
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: The response is transmitted to the _______ organ via Effector , Neuron
Primary Functions of Nervous Tissue: the effector organ carriers to the response ( _______) examples of effector organs ? effector , Muscles and Glands
the NS is made up of 2 principal types of cells ? Neurons and Neurogilia
the neuron is the _______________ of the nervous system . functional unit
Cytoplasmic extensions that receive info and transmit it toward the cell body Dendrites
contains the nucleus and controls the metabolic activity of the neuron Cell body or soma
Connects the cell body to the axon Axon Hillock
Insulating substance which allows axons to conduct impulses faster Myelin
what cells produce myelin ? Glial Cells
What produce myelin in the CNS ? Oligodendrocytes
What produce myelin in the PNS ? Schwann Cells
Gaps between segments of myelin Nodes of Ranvier
Swellings at the end of the axon, involved in neurotransmitter release Synaptic terminals
gap between the axon terminal of one neuron and the dendrite of another Synapse
Supportive connective tissue that nurtures and protects the neurons Neuroglia
6 types of neuroglia cells Schwan cells Oligodendrocytes Microglia Astrocytes Ependymal Cells Satellite cells
type of neuroglia : form fatty myelin sheaths around the most axons in the PNS only Schwan cells
in Schwaan cells the insulatory material is not continuous along the axon but is interrupted at the ________________ nodes of ranvier
in Schwan cells the impulses jump from node to node as they _______ down the axon , a conduction called ? travel , Saltatory conduction
type of neuroglia : form similar myelin sheaths in the CNS only Oligodendrocytes
type of neuroglia : phagocytic cells that migrate throughout the CNS removing debris, may migrate to areas where nervous tissue is injured Microglia
type of neuroglia : regulate the passage of molecules from blood to brain, helps form the blood-brain barrier that regulates the passage of substances into the brain Astrocytes
Type of Neuroglia : line the brain chambers called ventricles and help form the choroid plexus, which produces cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) Ependymal Cells
Type of Neuroglia : support neuron cell bodies in ganglia of the PNS Satellite cells
4 neuroglia in CNS Astrocytes Microglia Oligodendrocytes Ependymal Cells
2 neuroglia in PNS Schwann cells Satellite Cells
3 structural classification of neurons Multipolar Bipolar Unipolar
type of neuron with more than 2 branches coming off cell body (soma) Multipolar
type of neuron with only 2 branches coming off the cell body ( soma) Bipolar
type of neuron with 1 branch off cell body ( kinda in the center)(soma) Unipolar
Neurons transmit sensory nerve impulses from receptors to the brain and spinal cord Sensory / Afferent
neurons that from brain or spinal cord to effectors ( muscle & glands) Motor/ efferent
carry impulses from one neuron to another Interneurons (internuncial)
interneurons make up the _________ of nerves in the body Majority
Neurons are specialized to receive signals from sensory receptors oe from other neurrons in the body and transfer info along the ? axon
Impulses known as _________ ________ travel the length of the axon and invade the nerve terminal, causing the release of neurotransmitter into the _______ Action Potentials, Synapse
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