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Chapter 19

Section 3 Specific defenses Part 2

antibodies may bind to the sites that bacteria and toxins bind to, making the virus or toxin incapable of attaching itself to a cell. This mechanism is known as ___ neutralization
the coating of antibodies and complement protein increase the effectiveness of phagocytosis is an effect called opsonization
antibodies can tie large numbers of antigens together, creating an ____. When the target antigen is on the surface of a cell or a virus, the formation of immune complexes is called ___ immune complex, agglutination
sensitization to an allergen during the initial exposure leads to the production of large quantities of ___ IgE
___ is a rapid and severe response to an antigen. Immediate hypersensitivity
an example of hypersensitivity __ allergic rhinitis, anaphylaxis
when antigen enters blood stream stimulating mast cells, extensive peripheral vasodilatation occurs, producing a drop in blood pressure that can lead to circulatory collapse. A response called anaphylactic shock
an example of a localized allergic reaction is ____ and an example of a systemic allergic reaction is ___ allergic rhinitis, anaphylaxis
____ is an autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation resulting from the release of autoantibodies against thyroglobulin thyroiditis
____ autoimmune disorder occurs when autoantibodies form immune complexes within connective tissues around the joints. rhematoid arthritis
_____ autoimmune disorder caused by autoantibodies that attack cells in the pancreatic islets insulin-dependant diabetes mellitus
the risk of autoimmune disorders increases if an individual has an unusual type of ___ protein MHC
___ is a reduction in the sensitivity of the immune system. ____ a compound derived from a fungus, was the most important immunosuppresive drug developed in 1980s immunosuppression, CsA "cyclosporin A
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