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Toefl Voc 6 101-120

Toefl Vocabulary 6 101-120

occasionally - Extreme heat occasionally causes health problems. Now and then; once in a while; sometimes arrangement or action; habit
overcome - The family overcame many obstacles to purchase the house. To defeat; fight with success; to conquer
outlandish - His outlandish ideas demonstrated his creativity. Strange and unpleasant; bizarre
portray - The girl portrayed an orphan. To represent; to act; depict
submit - The architects had to submit plans reflecting the new specifications. Toturn in; to offer for evaluation
pattern - The bright pattern of the monarch butterfly distracts its predators. A regular scheme; repeated
philanthropic -The philanthropic work of the foundation benefits all sectors of society. Humanitarian; a feeling of love for people
plentiful - Examples of Miro's art are plentiful. More than sufficient; abundant
scenic - The scenic route to the summit is much more interesting than the fastest route. Concerning pleasant natural surroundings; picturesque
sheltered - She has led a sheltered life, her parents having done everything for her. Protected from harmful elements; isolated from reality
vanishing - The red squirrel is a vanishing species that needs a protected habitat to survive. Going out of sight; disappearing
account - His account of the incident varied from that of the other witnesses. A report of an event; a story; money kept in a bank
archaic - These archaic methods of farming must be brought up to date. Very old; old-fashioned; ancient
hasten - After notifying his family of the accident, he hastened to add that he had not been hurt. Move forward more quickly; accelerate
hue - The hue of the sunset was beautiful. Color
magnitude - The magnitude of shock waves determines the damage that occurs during an earthquake. Of great size or importance; dimension
oblige - She obliged her friend to choose a new lab partner. Tohave to do something; to require
poll - The poll indicated that conservation of the environment was the number one issue with college students. Questionnaire; a vote of public opinion; survey
overlook - Scientists must not overlook any aspect of experimental procedure. To ignore or neglect; to disregard
prompt - His emotional plea prompted the director to give him a second chance. To cause something to happen; to do quickly; induce
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