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MT 2 Ch 5 Cardiology

Medical Terminology for the Health Professional ed 7

ACE inhibitor medications that treat hypertension and congestive heart failure.
aneurysm weak spot or balloon-like enlargement of the wall of an artery
angina episodes of severe chest pain because of inadequate blood flow to the myocardium
angioplasty mechanically widening a narrowed or obstructed blood vessel.
anticoagulant medication that slows coagulation, prevents new clots from forming.
aplastic anemia condition marked by the absence of all formed blood elements.
arrhythmia loss of normal rhythm of the heartbeat.
atherectomy surgical removal of plaque buildup from interior lining of an artery.
atheroma deposit of fatty plaque on or within arterial wall.
Cardiovascular consist of Heart, blood vessels and blood
Cardiovascular means pertaining to the heart and blood vessels
cardi/o heart
vascul blod vessels
-ar pertaining to
Blood is a fluid tissues that transport O2 and nutrients to the body tissue
blood returns Some waste from tissue to kidney
blood returns CO2 to lungs
heart location thoracic cavity between lungs
Apex lower tip of heart
peri- around
Parietal pericardium pericardium
pericardial fluid found between 2 layers acting as a lubricant to prevent friction
Visceral pericardium epicardium
epicardium external layer of the heart& the inner layer of the pericardium
epi- upon
endocardium consist of epitheral tissue
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