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Wrinkle in time

Vocab chp 8-12

uncontrolled extreme emotion hysterical
tie or hold the legs or arms of someone pinion
the very early stages in the development of something primitave
gloomy and solem somber
giving greater knowledge or understanding enlightened
To utterly destroy or defeat Annihilate
Giving impression that something bad is going to happen Ominous
To get out; to originate from; to be produced by Emanate
The tendency to arrive pleasure from inflicting pain Sadist
To the depart from the usual or accepted standard Deviate
allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen; having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived transparent
unexpectedly experience or be faced with encountering
to make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or discontent whimpering
giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen sinister
relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds; extraterrestrial alien
impossible to stop or prevent inexorable
impossible to pass through or enter impenetrable
clear and definite; real tangible
the complete loss or absence of hope despair
the quality of having unlimited or very great power omnipotent
Hatred Loathing
Unable to be noticed with the five senses Imperceptible
Impression; dent Indentation
Destructive Corrosive
Taken in; eaten up Devoured
Inside-out Inverted
Soothe; relieve Assuage
Little and weak Puny
Unreliable; subject to failure Fallible
Break apart; crumble Disintegration
In low spirits because of a loss of hope or courage Despondent
A person's knowledge or experience of something; a person one knows slightly Acquaintance
Put someone or something in a position of danger or loss Jeopardize
Not able to be seen through; not transparent Opaque
Inability to deal with or understand something complicated or unaccountable Perplexity
Having a sharply strong taste or smell Pungent
Act against something in order to reduce its force or neutralize it Counteract
A possibility Alternative
A slender limb of an animal usually around the mouth area Tentacle
A feeling of fear or agitation that something may happen Trepidation
Frightfully Appallingly
Hard to overcome Formidably
To win, dominate Prevail
In union with League
Sink in Permeating
Deadly Fatal
Pure; uncorrupted Unadulterated
Song like poem Sonnet
Remains Vestige
Confuse Confound
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