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medical abbriviation

symbols and a-o

ac before meals
cl lq clear liquids
AP apical pulse
BP Blood pressure
CDC Centers of disease control and prevention
F female
AED Automated external defibrillator *
BMI body mass index
bid twice a day
cc cubic centimeter
AM in the morning ,before noon
BR bed rest
BRP Bathroom privilege only
CCU critical care unit /coranary care unit
BL WK blood work
CAP capsule
ADL Activities of daily living
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CVA Stroke
CT computerized tomography
ACLS advanced cardiac life support
CRT certified respitory therapist
ABG arterial blood gas
c/o complains of
D/C discharge/discontinue
DRG diagnosis related group
HIPPA heath insurance portability and accountability act
gtts drops
h hour
HS hour of sleep, bedtime
Ht height
ECG Electrocardiogram
H2o water
FBS fasting blood sugar
Hg Mercury
EENT Eyes,ears,nose,and throat
Gyn gynecology
FFL force fluids
Dx: diagnosis
Emt emergency medical technician
< less than
> greater then
c ( with a line on top) with
up arrow increase or elevation
down arrow decrease or lower
M male
o ( when on top of a number) degree
triangle /\ change
Hx history
# pound
' foot or minute
" inch or second
I,i',T 1
ii,II,TT 2
V 5
X 10
L 50
C 100
D 500
M 1000
CBC complete blood count
Bun blood urea nitrogen
Cl chlorine or chloride
OR operating room
Na salt / sodium
LMP last menstrual period
LTC long term care
IM intramuscular
oz ounce
OJ orange juice
mL milliliters
N/S Normal saline
IV intravenous
NaCl sodium chloride
mm millimeters
NPO nothing by mouth
op operation
ob obstrics
mg milligrams
Ou each eye/both eyes
o2 oxygen
IPPB intermediate positive pressure breathing
Kcl potassium chloride
K potassium
OPD outpatient department / outpatient clinic
prn whenever necessary/as needed
stat immediately
RN Registered nurse
wt weight
Rx : prescription
spec specimen
ss (line on top ) one half
s ( line o top) without
pt patient
R respiration , rectal
vp vein pressure / venous pressure
qid four times a day
q every
qod every other day
tsp teaspoon
qt quart
SSE soap solution enema
pt pint
pc After meals
pre before
VS Vital signs
Q2h every 2 hours
PT physical therapist
w/c wheelchair
ROM range of motion
Sig: give the following directions
po by mouth
tid three times a day
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