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Vocab for PSAT, SAT

good for cramming vocab imo

Enfranchise give voting rights
Hamper hinder; obstruct
Placid calm; peaceful
Remuneration payment for work done
Abrasive rough; coarse; harsh
Bilk cheat; defraud
Engender cause
Nuance something subtle; a fine shade of meaning
Billowing swelling; fluttering; waving
Plaintiff petitioner (in court of law)
Abrogate cancel; deny; repeal
Plaudit statement giving strong praise
Reprehensible shameful; very bad
Enigma puzzle; mystery
Absolution forgiveness; pardon; release
Blatant obvious
Creditable praiseworthy
Ensconce establish firmly in a position
Laceration a cut
Obdurate stubborn
Reprieve cancel, postpone punishment of sentence
Tawdry of little value; gaudy
Abstain desist; go without; withdraw
Blighted damaged; destroyed; ruined
Credulous gullible; ready to believe anything
Enshroud cover
Haughtiness arrogance; pride
Lachrymose tearful; sad
Obfuscate deliberately make something difficult to understand
Repudiate shun; eschew
Tedium boredom
Abstemious self denying; refraining from indulging
Blithe free-spirited; carefree
Crepuscular active at dawn and dusk
Headstrong stubborn; willful
Lackluster dull; monotonous; bland
Objective unbiased; not subjective
Pliable flexible; not stubborn
Rescind retract; repeal
Temper to moderate; soften
Abstruse difficult to understand; obscure
Blunderbuss 1. ancient weapon (type of gun); 2. a clumsy person
Envenom to cause bitterness and bad feeling
Hedonism self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
Laconic using few words; brief; to the point
Oblique indirect; slanting
Plumage feathers of a bird
Tenacious stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
Resignation acceptance of fate
Accolade tribute; honor; praise
Bolster support; prop up
Ephemeral short-lived
Hedonist a pleasure seeker
Lamentation expression of regret or sorrow
Resolution determination
Tentative not certain
Acquiesce to agree to; give in to
Bombast arrogant, pompous language
Curtail cut short
Epicure someone who appreciates good food and drink
Lampoon ridicule; spoof
Tenuous flimsy; not solid
Acrid sharp; pungent (used of smells and tastes)
Boorish ill-mannered
Cynical believing that people act only out of selfish motives
Epistle a letter (form of communication)
Heresy against orthodox opinion
Poignant deeply moving; strongly affecting the emotions
Respite a break; intermission
Terse concise; to the point
Bourgeois middle class
Debility weakness; incapacity
Epistolary concerned with letters; through correspondence
Hiatus interruption; pause
Languid tired; slow
Obscured hidden; covered; buried
Poised calm; collected; self-possessed
Resplendent shining; glowing
Therapeutic medicinal; curative
Acuity sharpness (mental or visual)
Braggart someone who boasts
Debunking exposing false claims or myths
Epitomized typified; characterized; personified
Hidebound rigid in opinions
Languish decay; fade away; get weaker
Obsequious servile; submissive
Polemical causing debate or argument
Adamant forceful; inflexible
Decathlon an athletic competition with ten events
Equivocate speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
Larceny theft; robbery; stealing
Obsession a dominating concern
Ponderous weighty; slow and heavy
Retention preservation; withholding
Timorous cowardly; fearful
Adroit skilfull
Brevity being brief
Decorum dignified, correct behavior [decorous (a)]
Err make a mistake
Largesse generosity
Pontificate speak pompously or dogmatically / or pope
Reticent restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
Tirade stream of verbal abuse
Adulation strong admiration; worship
Bristle to show irritation
Decoy lure; trap; trick
Erratic wandering; irregular
Histrionic theatrical; exaggerated
Laud praise
Obstreperous noisy and boisterous
Portend foretell
Titter giggle quietly
Adversity hardship
Broach start to discuss; approach
Deference respect
Esoteric obscure and difficult to understand
Hoary old
Lavish on a grand scale; wasteful
Obtuse mentally dull
Portent a warning sign; omen
Revere worship
Brusque blunt; abrupt
Defoliate cause leaves to fall off
Espouse promote; take up; support
Hone sharpen; increase; whet
Lax careless; not strict
Obviate avoid; make unnecessary
Poseur someone who puts on an act
Riddled full of (usually full of holes)
Torpid inactive; lazy; stagnant
Aesthetic concerning art or beauty
Bulwark fortification; barricade; wal
Defunct no longer in existence
Etymology the study of word origins
Hyperbole grossly exaggerated speech
Odious hateful
Posterity future generations
Rife common
Torpor dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
Affable friendly; social; easygoing
Bureaucracy officialdom
Degradation deprivation; poverty; debasement
Eulogy praise
Hypochondriac a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
Legion in large numbers
Officious domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
Rigor thoroughness
Totter walk unsteadily
Alacrity eagerness; enthusiasm; quickness
Burgeon grow; flourish; put forth new shoots
Deleterious harmful
Euphemism a polite phrase to cover something unpleasant
Robust strong; healthy; tough
Tractable obedient; dutiful; polite
Burnish polish
Euphony pleasant sounds
Iconoclast person who opposes orthodoxy
Levity flippancy; joking about serious matters
Olfactory concerned with the sense of smell
Potable suitable for drinking
Tranquil peaceful
Alibi an excuse that shows someone was not at a crime scene
Buttress strengthen; support
Delineation demarcation; explanation; definition; outlining
Idiosyncrasy a personal peculiarity; something unique to an individual
Libertarian someone who opposes tyranny
Ominous threatening
Ruminate think over something; ponder
Transcribe copy
Allay to lessen
Byline the line that tells you who wrote an article
Demur hesitate; refuse
Exacerbate make worse
Ignominious shameful
Liniment soothing lotion
Pragmatic practical
Ruse trick; stratagem
Transgress go astray; disobey; commit a sin
Alleviate make less severe
Cacophony discordant loud noises
Denounce condemn; speak out against
Exasperated frustrated; annoyed
Ignominy shame
Lithe flexible; supple
Omniscient all-knowing
Pragmatist practical person; one who is concerned with usefulness
Saccharin falsely sweet
Transient short-lived; ephemeral
Aloof distant; detached; cold
Cajole coax
Deplete use up; lessen
Exceptionable to light up or make clear
Livid very angry
Onerous burdensome; hard to undertake
Preamble introductory material
Sacrosanct very holy; inviolable
Traverse to move across
Altruism putting others first; being self-sacrificing
Caldron huge cooking pot
Deplore regret
Exculpate free someone from blame; pardon; acquit
Illusory deceptive; false; misleading
Lobbyist person who tries to persuade someone to support a particular cause
Onus burden
Precarious unstable; risky
Sagacious wise
Trepidation fear
Amass accumulate
Callow immature
Depravity moral corruption
Execrable very, very bad
Immoderate excessive; extreme
Lofty snooty; arrogant; haughty
Opaque does not let light through
Precedent a previous occurrence used as a guide
Sage a wise person
Trinket something of little value; knick-knack
Ambiguity uncertainty; vagueness
Candid frank; honest
Deprecate criticize; denounce
Exegesis scholarly explanation or interpretation
Immutable unchanging; permanent
Longevity long life
Opulent wealthy; rich; magnificent
Precept guiding principle
Salacious lecherous; erotic
Trite unoriginal; dull
Ambiguous unclear in meaning; can be interpreted in different ways
Candor frankness; openness
Deride ridicule; make fun of; mock
Exemplary outstandingly good; setting a fine example
Impartial unbiased; neutral
Loquacious talkative
Ordain destine
Precinct district of a city
Sallow yellowish
Trivial unimportant
Created by: lordkai5
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