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1st nine week EXAM

What rivers are like “twin” rivers flowing through Turkey and Iraq Tigris and Euphrates
What narrow waterway that is an important shipping channel for oil Strait of Hormuz
What river is a key water source for Israel, Lebanon, and Syria Jordan River
What are the three major water problems in the Middle East water shortages, unequal distribution, and pollution
What are the three main oil-producing Middle Eastern countries Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia
Over the past 50 years, residents have been leaving the nomadic life to live where cities
Efficient rapid transit systems would help solve what transportation problems crowded roads and air pollution
What are the groups identified on the basis of ancestry, race, or national origin ethnic groups
What ethnic group lives in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq Kurds
What group is both an ethnic and a religious group Jews
What are the three prominent religions of the Middle East Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Where do almost all Middle Eastern Jews live Israel
What are the two major groups of Muslims Sunnis and Shias
There is usually a high correlation between the standard of living and what the literacy rate
The State of Israel was established in what year 1948
The land between the twin rivers has been valued since ancient times because of what Fertile soil
Saudi Arabia has harsh desert climate, including water scarcity, and most of their ground water is saltwater from nearby oceans. They have had to invest in removing the salt from seawater in order to use it for drinking water. This process is called what desalination
Which country suffers from failed septic systems and open sewers Afghanistan
The government controls everything in which type of economy command
What is a tax on imported goods tariff
What is a restriction on the amount of a good that can be imported quota
What forbids trade with another country embargo
What organization was formed in 1960 by five oil-rich countries OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
The type of money used by a country is called currency
What large empire broke up after World War I Ottoman Empire
Which two countries divided the Middle East into countries after World War II Britain and France
A major conflict in the Middle East is between Arab states and which country Israel
During World War II, six million Jews were killed in what is called what Holocaust
The movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine was called Zionism
Who was responsible for the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon in 2001 Osama bin Laden
Prejudice against Jews is known as what Anti-Semitism
Which country did Saddam Hussein rule Iraq
Iraq invaded Kuwait and international forces joined to help Kuwait in this war: Persian Gulf War When did the US invade Iraq on a mission looking for WMDs 2003
What country did U.S. forces enter to look for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden Afghanistan
What is the small territory of land called that has been a source of dispute between Israel and its neighbors for many years Gaza Strip
Created by: Sandlin



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