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autonomic system

Stack #169569

the preganglionic nerve fibre is longer than post ganglionic fibre parasympathetic reflex arc
The postganglionic fibre of__________always secrete acetylcholine as nuerotransmitter parasympathetic
postganglionic fibre of_____________mostly secrete norepinephrine or epinephrine as nuerotransmitter sympatheic reflex arc
example postganglionic sympatehtic that secrete acetylcholine sweat glands, pilorectal muscles and FEW blood vessels
AnatomicalLocation:Thoracic/Lumbar Sympathetic
AnatomicalLocation:Cranial/Sacral Parasympathetic
PreganglionicFibers are _____ in Sympathetic Short
Emergency situations, where the body needs a sudden burst of energy, are handled by the __________? sympathetic system
The ________ system increases cardiac output and pulmonary ventilation, routes blood to the muscles, raises blood glucose and slows down digestion, kidney filtration and other functions not needed during emergencies sympathetic
The _________ system promotes normal maintenance of the body- acquiring building blocks and energy from food and getting rid of the wastes parasympathetic
It promotes secretions and mobility of different parts of the digestive tract and involved in urination, defecation. parasympathetic
the_____ nerve (cranial number 10) is the chief parasympathetic nerve vagus
Other cranial parasympathetic nerves are: III (oculomotor), VII (facial) and IX (glossopharyngeal)
The _______ is involved in the coordination of ANS responses hypothalamus
The________is an Extension of the Sympathetic Nervous System Adrenal Medulla
The_________ behaves like a combined autonomic ganglion and postsynaptic sympathetic nerve adrenal medulla
Releases both norepinephrine and epinephrine in emergency situations adrenal medulla
One section of the_______seems to control many of the "fight or flight" responses; another section favors "rest and digest" activities hypothalamus
sexual intercourse/promotes erection parasympathetic
Eye Parasympathetic Response Iris constricts Adjusts for near vision Sympathetic ResponseIris dilatesAdjusts for far vision
Lung Bronchioles Parasympathetic Constriction Sympathetic Dilation
Liver Glycogen/ No effect Parasympathetic
Fat Tissue/Breakdown of fatBlood fatty acids increase Sympathetic
Basal Metabolism /Increases ~ 2X Sympathetic
Stomach /Increased secretion of HCl & digestive enzymesIncreased motility Parasympathetic
Stomach/Decreased secretion Decreased motility Sympathetic response
Urinary bladder/Relaxes sphincterDetrusor muscle contractsUrination promoted Parasympathetic Response
Urinary bladder/constricts sphincterRelaxes detrusorUrination inhibited Sympathetic response
Rectum/Relaxes sphincterContracts wall musclesDefecation promoted Parasympathetic Response
Rectum/Constricts sphincterRelaxes wall musclesDefecation inhibited Sympathetic response
Kidney/Decreased urine secretion Sympathetic
Kidney/Increased urine secretion Parasympathetic Response
sexual intercourse/ produces ejaculation sympathetic
sympathetic, glands - lacrimal, salivary inhibits --> dry mouth + dry eyes
Parasympathetic, glands - lacrimal, salivary stimulates
Parasympathetic, skin sweat glands no effect
liver/stimulates release of glucose sympathetic
blood vessels/constricts most, relaxes aortic sympathetic
Blood flow to skeletal muscles, the lung is not only maintained, but enhanced (by as much as 1200%, in the case of skeletal muscles). Dilates pupils and relaxes the lens, allowing more light to enter the eye. Sympathetic
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