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SAT Key Words Reading Comprehension

bolster (v) to support an idea or position
delineate to outline or describe with care
depict to represent or portray vividly
discredit to disbelieve; to cause a loss of confidence in
document (v) to support by documentary evidence
elaborate (v) to add details; to work out in minute detail
endorse to support or approve
exemplify to serve as an example of
illustrate to clarify by the use of examples
refute to prove to be false or incorrect
speculate "to reason, possibly on insufficient evidence"
verify "to make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified"
abstract (adj) theoretical; not concrete
analogy similarity of functions or properties; likeness
antithesis direct opposite
argumentative presenting a logical argument
assertion positive statement; declaration
cite to refer to; to quote as an authority
concrete (adj) real; actual; not abstract
evidence data presented as proof
explanatory serving to explain
expository "concerned with explaining ideas, fact, etc."
generalization simplification; general idea or principle
narrative (adj) relating to telling a story
persuasive intended to convince
rhetorical relating to the effective use of language
thesis the central idea in a piece of writing; a point to be defended
aesthetic artistic; dealing with or capable of appreciating beauty
allusion an indirect reference; a casual mention
assumption something accepted as true without proof
attribute (n) essential quality; characteristic
divergent differing from another; tending to move apart
fluctuate to shift continually; to vary irregularly
hypothetical based on assumption or hypotheses; supposed
incompatible not able to exist in harmony; discordant
indicative suggestive; pointing out (something)
inherent firmly established by nature or habit; built-in; inborn
innate inborn; existing from birth
innovative novel; introducing a change; ahead of the times
misconception mistaken idea; wrong impression
phenomenon observable fact or occurrence; subject of scientific investigation
preclude to make impossible; to keep from happening
admonishing warning
aloof standoffish; remote in attitude; detached
ambivalent of two minds; unable to
amusement the state or experience of finding something funny
apathetic "showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm or concern"
apologetic being sorry; admitting fault
bemusement puzzlement
brusque abrupt; curt to the point of rudeness
cautious careful to avoid potential problems or dangers
cautionary conveying a warning
compassionate sympathetic; showing pity
condescension patronizing behavior
confrontational argumentative
contemptuous showing contempt; scornful
contrite remorseful
cynical distrustful of the motives of others; mocking
defensive self-justifying; constantly protecting oneself from criticism
derisive ridiculing
detachment aloofness; lack of involvement; indifference
didactic moralizing; inclined to lecture excessively
disdain (ful) scorn; contempt; arrogance
disparaging belittling; disapproving
dispassionate unbiased; objective; unemotional; calm
earnest resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction
empathy the ability to understand and share the feelings of another
emphatic expressing something forcibly and clearly
entreating "begging, pleading"
equivocal open to more than one interpretation; ambiguous
esteem respect; admiration
explanatory explaining
flippant frivolously disrespectful; lacking proper seriousness
grudging reluctant; unwilling
hypocritical pretending to have virtues or feeling one lacks; insincere; phony
indifference lack of concern; lack of interest
indignation anger
inquisitive asking questions
ironic tongue in cheek; sarcastic; contrary to what was expected
judicious sensible; showing good judgment; prudent wise
mockery derision insincere imitation
na‹ve innocent; unsophisticated
nonchalant "feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm"
nostalgia/nostalgic sentimental yearning for the past; homesickness
objective (adj) impartial; unbiased; neutral
optimism hopefulness; cheerful confidence
qualified not complete or absolute; limited
pedantic narrowly focused on academic trivia; excessively bookish
penitent remorseful
pessimism negativity; lack of hopefulness; gloom
pomposity self-importance; excessive self-esteem
prosaic commonplace; pedestrian; ordinary
reflective deep thought; remembering the past
resigned (adj) submissive; passively accepting the inevitable
sarcasm cutting remarks; stinging rebuke; scorn
sardonic sarcastic
satirical mocking; exposing folly to ridicule
scathing harsh
scholarly academic
sensationalistic exaggerating emotions
skeptical disbelieving; doubtful; unconvinced
smugness excessive pride in oneself or one's achievements
solemn formal and dignified; characterized by deep sincerity
trite stale; cliched; overused
unabashed "not embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed"
understated presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way
whimsical fanciful; capricious; unpredictable
wistful having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing
criterion a standard used in judging something; a basis for comparison
excerpt a selection from a longer work
implication an indirect suggestion; a logical reference
imply to suggest without stating explicitly; to mean
likelihood probability; chance of something
plausible appearing reasonable; apparently believable
suggestive tending to suggest something; stimulating further thought
tentative not definite or positive; hesitant; provisional; experimental
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