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AP Euro CH 14 Sec 4

Teresa of Avila Spanish Carmelite nun and a principle saint of the Catholic church; she reformed the Carmelite order
Ursulines women who established convents in Italy and France for the religious education of girls from all social classes.
Jesuits Also known as the Society of Jesus; founded by Loyola as a teaching/missionary order and to resist the spread of Protestantism
Ignatius Loyola Spanish soldier who founded the Jesuits to convert people to Catholicism.
Treaty of Cateau-Cambresis Ended the Habsburg-Valois Wars giving Spain dominance over France in Italy
Habsburg-Valois Wars France vs Habsburgs. Battle for control of Italian independent states. France forced to give up claims in the end.
French Religious Wars Series of civil wars in France in which the French Catholics and huguenots battled each other for supremacy
Concordat of Bologna recognized the supremacy of a pope over the council and gave him the right to appoint all French bishops and abbots
Huguenots French calvanists
iconoclasm encouraged by Protestants; belief that worshipping/idolizing objects and icons was sinful
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre Catholics traveling in bands killed over 20,000 huguenots
Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) French king from house of bourbon and long term leader of huguenots. converted to catholicism to ensure the loyalty of his people
Edict of Nantes Henry IV granted huguenots the right to public worship and religious tolerance
Dutch Revolt revolt by the Netherlands against the Spanish in order to create an independent state
Charles V Habsburg ruler of Holy Roman Empire and of extensive territories in Spain and the Netherlands; devoted Catholic
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