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English Reformation

James I Also known as James VI of Scotland, son of Mary Stuart, succeeded Elizabeth, a Scottish outsider, advocate of divine right of kings
Mary I (Tudor) Catholic, eventually beheaded, married to Philip of Spain, foreign policy cost England Calais
Anne Boleyn Second wife of Henry VIII, she was executed
Lord Darnley Mary Queen of Scots legal husband allegedly assassinated by the Earl of Boswell (he was acquitted and married Mary)
Catherine of Aragon Henry VIII’s first wife and daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella
Catherine Parr sixth wife of Henry VIII, she supported the humanists and reformers; she actually survived
Henry VIII king of England; he created and became the head of the Church of England when the pope would not annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon and creating his own church
Puritans The Puritans were an offset group of the Calvinists. Protestants working within the national church to “purify” it of every vestige of “property” and to make its Protestant doctrine more precise.
Philip II of Spain king of Spain (duh) and husband of Isabella, he sent the Spanish Armada; the SA’s defeat set the stage for English dominance in the sea.
Act of Uniformity revised the second version of the Book of Common Prayer
Act of Supremacy Made Henry VIII head of English Church
Act of Succession made Anne Boleyn’s children the legitimate heirs to the throne
Sir Francis Drake privateer and allegedly (one of) Elizabeth’s lover (s)
Elizabeth I Mary’s successor, daughter of Henry and Anne Boleyn; created an Anglican church with no religious extremes; didn’t want an extremist church of doctrine
Anne of Cleves Fourth wife of Henry VIII, she was divorced and her marriage annulled by the Parliament
Ten Articles of 1536 it made concessions to the Protestants while maintaining Catholic doctrine; Henry forbid the English clergy from marrying
Jesuits Society of Jesus, organized by Ignatius of Loyola in 1530s, stressed religious and moral self sacrifice
Edward VI reigned after Henry (Henry’s son); he enacted the Protestant Reformation; repealed the Six Articles and laws against heresy; allowed clerical marriage
Thomas Cranmer One of Henry VIII’s closest advisors, had Lutheran sympathies, wanted to declare king supreme in spiritual affairs
Six Articles of 1539 it reaffirmed transubstantiation and denied the Eucharist to the laity; it reaffirmed celibacy and allowed private masses
impositions new customs taxes developed by James I as a way to circumvent Parliament for money
Lady Jane Grey appointed to succeed Edward VI as Queen but overthrown in favor of Mary I and executed
John Knox started the Presbyterian Church in Scotland
Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots) Catholic; Queen of Scotland; had claim on English throne; overthrown in Scotland; executed by Elizabeth
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