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European History p2

Allies This alliance that was made up of the US, Great Britain, and France won World War 1
Central This alliance that was made up of the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria-Hungary lost World War 1
Nicholas the 2nd this man was the last czar of Russia. the people of Russia disliked him because he mistreated the poor, refused to withdraw Russian troops from WW1, and because he shot down workers on Bloody Sunday
Bosheviks this group of people overthrew the provisional government after the czar left his throne. they defeated the White Army and established a communist government. they were also called the Red Army
Vladimir Lenin this man was the first dictator of the Soviet Union. he brought communism to Russia
Treaty of Versailles the treaty that ended WW1 and caused a severe economic depression in Germany
Economic Depression time period in German history when its economy collapsed causing the prices to be inflated. German money was useless
Nazism a form of fascism or extreme nationalistic government in Germany that resulted in its dictatorship
Hitler Nazi leader of Germany during WW2. he invaded Poland beginning the war and was responsible for the Holocaust
Allie the alliance made up Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, and the US that won World War 2
Axis the alliance made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan that lost World War 2
Berlin Wall this was built to separate East and West Berlin after World War 2. the East side was communist. the West side was democratic
Soviet Union After World War 2 this nation controlled Eastern Europe, East Germany, and East Berlin
Cold War a time period in history from 1945-1990 when the US and Soviet Union threatened each other with nuclear war. they never actually used these weapons
Reunifacation this is when East and West Germany became a unified country again
Us and the Soviet Union these two nations became the world super powers after World War 2
Communism a type of government where the government controls all the land for the benefit of its people
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