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sc history

test 7

Stubble stock
how did they remove stocks? plowed under neath them
what did they use to plow? oxen and mule
where the rice feilds moist? yes
What were put on the mules for them to stay on top of the mboggie ground? boots
what tool did the slaves use to break clods? hoes
hoe tool used to break clods
clods clump of mud
When they were in the feilds what did they do to pass the time? sing and tell storys
When did they start to plant? april
when did all the seeds have to be in the ground ? may 1st
How may days did they have to plant> 22
depending on acres of land =? number of slaves
what would they do to make the rice heads heavy? soak them in mud- germanaite
Sprout flow when they flooded the ground right after they planted
how long did the sprout flow last? 3 days
Provision crops supplied plantations with food thought out the year-corn potatoes
What did slaves slice weeds with? hoes
After weeding what did they do? flooded
Long water to kill insects, kill weeds 2-3 days
After long water they drained it till how high on the plant? 1/2 hight
Created by: Wilson Hall